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Design it Yourself: Design an Activism-Inspired T-shirt

<p>Willi Smith (1948-1987) was an American designer who used fashion as a tool for defying social norms around gender, race, and sexuality. Smith's designs for his brand, WilliWear, were bold yet simple, adaptable, and inspired by the creativity, performance, and energy of daily life. Smith frequently collaborated with other creatives, designers, and artists in the art world to rethink what fashion could be. </p> <p>For WilliWear Productions' artist T-shirt project, Smith invited different artists to create original designs for T-shirts. Sold at an affordable price point and in one extra-large size, the goal of these gender-fluid shirts was to bring art into everyday life. In this collection, we’ll explore five of the artists commissioned to create these designs, and you'll have the opportunity to design your own unique T-shirt!</p>
Cooper Hewitt Education Department