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Ellen Rogers

IB Coordinator
Belvedere ES

I am the PYP Coordinator at Belvedere Elementary. The Professional Development Collaborative at Washington International School has provided me with many opportunities to learn about Harvard's Project Zero Thinking Routines and global competencies through the Washington International School Summer Institute for Teachers. As a result I have created a few collections with thinking routines and global competency in mind. #goglobal

Ellen Rogers's collections


Preventing the Dodo: Unveiling Animal Conservation Stories

<p>What stories do the animals on the American Trail at the Smithsonian's National Zoo tell? Students will use the Project Zero Global Thinking Routine Unveiling Stories to uncover and consider the complexity around conservation. I asked students to consider more than just what is the initial story. I wanted to know what they thought the human and world stories might be. With the success of these animals I wanted students to also consider what the new and untold stories that might remain. The Unveiling Stories thinking routine is a great way to explore the complicated stories of the gray wolf, bald eagle, beaver,  North American river otter, and wood duck. #goglobal</p>
Ellen Rogers

Civil Rights: One Act - The 1968 Olympics

<p>I created this small collection for my students to consider the roles of each individual in this photograph. When they engaged in the See, Think, Wonder thinking routine many of them wanted to know more about the white man wearing a medal and why he wasn't raising his fist. They generated many additional questions around this idea. I added the ESPN video to help the think more about the photo and its meaning. We had a class discussion that revisited their questions from the day before.</p>
Ellen Rogers

Beyond Monarchs: Animal Migration

<p>This collection starts with monarch butterflies and their migration. My hope was to remind the second graders about what they have already learned about monarchs. </p> <p>Once the students' background knowledge is activated then the students can participate in the Tuning In activity. Students will analyze the art piece using the Harvard's Project Zero Thinking Routine: See, Think, Wonder. </p> <p>Once the students have made their thinking visible then the class will find more out by learning about the art piece from the artist and learning about bird migrations. The students will engage in the Harvard Global Thinking Routine The 3 Ys.<br /></p> <p>To push the students beyond flying animals the Going Further section will expose the  students to migrations of animals on land, air, and see. The students will end this section using the Thinking Routine Think, Puzzle, Explore. Students can then have time to research about animals on their own.</p>
Ellen Rogers