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Maureen Leary

Early Learning Programs Manager
Smithsonian Institution - National Postal Museum
Preschool (0 to 4 years old), Primary (5 to 8 years old)
Teacher/Educator, Curriculum Developer, Museum Staff
Language Arts And English, Social Studies, World Languages, Arts
Smithsonian Staff

Maureen Leary's collections


Guatemalan Weaving

<p>This collection provides an introduction to the art of weaving practiced in Guatemala.</p>
Maureen Leary

Puerto Rico - Vejigantes

<p>This collection provides a brief introduction to the Vejigante tradition practiced during the month of February in Puerto Rico, in observance/celebration of Carnival.</p>
Maureen Leary


<p>Sports are important to our culture in many ways, and help teach sportsmanship, leadership, and persistence. Use the images and discussion ideas to have conversations about sports in your community and in the world.</p>
Maureen Leary

Baseball on Stamps

<p>Explore the history of America's pastime through baseball postage stamps! Created in connection with the National Postal Museum's exhibit <em>Baseball: America's Home Run</em>, this collection looks at the various ways baseball has been featured on stamps over the course of many decades. Learn more and visit the virtual exhibition on the <a href="">Postal Museum's website</a>. </p>
Maureen Leary