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Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Nestled in the nation’s capital in the richest museum complex in the world is the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center, a model early childhood program that places children at the center of every experience. SEEC utilizes an emergent curriculum, following the children's interests to teach content and developmental skills through objects in the museums and community. 

Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center's collections



Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Wheels and Axles

<p>Objectives:</p> <ul><li>Identify the shape of a wheel</li><li>Experiment with differently shaped wheels   </li><li>Learn that wheels and axles help heavy things move  </li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Flying Trapeze

<p>Objectives</p> <ul><li>Learn that trapeze artists had to be very precise with their timing</li><li>Experiment with motion and pendulums </li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Sink Float

<p>OBJECTIVES:</p> <ul><li>Experiment with objects to see if they sink or float</li><li>Learn that boats float</li><li>Discuss how sometimes boats sink and learn the word shipwreck </li><li>Look closely at the 3D model of the Philadelphia Gunboat (a boat which sunk and was then later brought to the surface and into the Natural History Museum)</li><li>Make ships out of aluminum foil and experiment to see how many pennies can go on the boat before it sinks</li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Fire Engine vs Fire Pumper

<p>Objectives: </p> <ul><li> Learn that firefighters are people who help keep you safe</li><li> Discover that firefighters use fire trucks to help them get to the fire quickly</li><li> Compare familiar firetrucks to the less familiar hand pump fire truck in the museum</li></ul><p></p>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Emotion Eruptions

<p>Objectives </p><ul><li>Build an emotional literacy </li><li>Discuss ways to calm down body instead of erupting </li><li>Use bells to practice breathing and mindfulness</li><li>Explore ancient bells of China</li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Dramatic Play Pirate

<p>Objectives:</p><ul><li>Be exposed to pirate motifs (eye patch, parrot, jolly roger flag) </li><li>Learn that pirate sail ships    </li><li>Talk about ideas of fair and unfair, hero and wrongdoers </li><li>Learn about Anne Bonny and Mary Read two famous women pirates </li><li>Explore through play fair and unfair and hero and wrongdoers </li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Monkeys Grasp

<p>Objectives</p> <ul><li>Compare movements of the flying trapeze artist to the movements of monkeys swinging from the trees  </li><li>Imagine what it would feel like to swing (like a trapeze artist and like a monkey)</li><li>Learn about how monkeys move  </li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Fire Safety

<p>Objectives </p><ul><li>Identify objects that help to prevent fires </li><li>Learn what to do if they hear an alarm </li><li>Identify objects that are fire hazards</li><li>Learn to stay 3 feet (two big steps) away from fire hazards</li></ul>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Lava & Volcanic Rock

Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center

Expressing Emotions

<p>Objectives</p><p>● Identify facial features<br />● Learn about different ways to communicate<br />● Discover that the way your face looks can communicate emotions<br />● Explore different emotions and how faces might look when expressing emotions<br />● Build empathy by learning how others might express their emotions</p><p></p>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center


<p>The ocean covers the majority of the Earth and contains so many diverse creatures. Check out some of the objects in the Smithsonian collection related to the ocean. </p><p>This collection was created by Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center faculty member. #SEECStories<br /></p>
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center