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Crafting Newspaper Headlines for Civil War Art

<p>This lesson will be completed halfway through a choice historical fiction unit highlighting books from the eras of naturalism and realism during the Civil War.  With background knowledge of the historical eras and content knowledge of one of the four possible books they will now jump into the picture and write a newspaper article.  The must be able to imagine where in their text they would place this article.  They are ultimately creating a group primary source for their choice book in completing this task.</p> <p>#NPGteach</p>
Leslie Reinhart

Exploring Fear with the Dark Romantics

<p>This lesson would be taught at the end of the dark romantic literature unit.  After exploring the traits of the era, students will be tasked with writing their own haunting story to mimic the authors we've read.  They will use Fritz Eichenberg's"Dream of Reason" and a see-think-wonder activity as their starting point and inspiration.</p><p>#NPGteach <br /></p>
Leslie Reinhart

Practicing Transcendentalism by Drawing with Words

<p>This activity will be completed at the end of a transcendentalism unit in American literature.  Students will be tasked with studying a landscape, drawing the landscape, and filling it in with words.  After the initial activity students will be given a template where they can choose how to show their transcendentalist pastiche through words, colors, quotations, etc.</p> <p>#NPGteach<br /></p>
Leslie Reinhart

Connecting to Great Gatsby's Appearance vs. Reality in Self Portraiture

<p>This lesson, integrated halfway through F. Scott Fitzgerald's <em>The Great Gatsby</em>, will address both character analysis and the ever present theme of appearance vs. reality in the text.  By using Thomas Hart Benton's "Self Portrait with Rita" as a starting point students will study the specifics of a self portrait from the 1920s which highlights American dream centered ideals.  As a second step, students will make connections between the painting and the characters from our text.  As a final extension activity, students will further explore the inspiration, the biography, or another work by Benton.<br /></p> <p>#NPGteach</p>
Leslie Reinhart