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Getting Started with Design Thinking Part II - Design Prototype

<p>Using Design Thinking to Design and Prototype </p> <p>Students will be tasked with creating a design a place to sit for the school Design &amp; Manufacturing shop.  Students will access items from the Cooper Hewitt learning lab collection as well other materials and apply the Design Thinking Process. </p>
Mary Marotta

Lord of the Flies - How and Why?

<p>A perspective on how and why savagery and disorder take over the boys in our story, and the warning author William Golding wanted to deliver through this tale to the rest of the world.</p>
Mary Marotta

Getting Started with Design Thinking

<p>This collection allows students and teachers to gain an understanding of the Design Thinking process utilizing Cooper Hewitt learning lab resources as well other materials. </p> <p><em>#designthinking</em></p>
Mary Marotta

Designers are Problem Solvers-Teacher Resource Collection

<p>Designers are inspired by problems! With a defined problem as a starting point, designers find solutions through a design process that includes empathizing with the user, brainstorming ideas and prototyping solutions. At Cooper Hewitt, your class will see the design process in action during a deep exploration of various objects featured in our permanent and temporary exhibitions. Students will also experience the design process in a hands-on, interactive workshop where they will work collaboratively to solve problems through design thinking.</p> <p><strong>Program objectives:</strong></p> <ul><li>Students will be able to define key design process terminology including define, empathize, brainstorm, prototype, test, and launch. </li><li>Students will understand the user’s role in the designer’s process </li><li>Students will understand that a designer’s choice of materials inform the form and function of a design. </li></ul><p><em>#designthinking</em></p> <p></p>
Mary Marotta