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Jade Lintott

I'm a high school senior and am interning with the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access for the summer of 2016.

Jade Lintott's collections


A Man on the Moon, but a Woman Got Him There: The Story of Margaret Hamilton

This topical collection includes images and links that give a short biography of Margaret Hamilton, the forgotten hero of the moon landing who invented software engineering. Goal: Students will be able to synthesize the information from different sources and answer the questions at the end cohesively. Tags: Margaret Hamilton, Apollo VIII, Apollo 8, Apollo XI, Apollo 11, moon landing, computer science, software
Jade Lintott

Apollo 11 Crew

This topical collection details the human stories of the Apollo XI mission by giving details on the lives of each crew member; it includes pictures and an external link. There is a list of the resources in each section at the beginning of that section. Goal: Students will understand the lives of the Apollo XI crew members and be able to assess how their lives as people influenced their accomplishments as astronauts. Tags: moon, moon landing, Apollo 11, Apollo XI, Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, space, space race, space travel, rocket Inspired by the Harvard Project Zero thinking strategy unveiling stories
Jade Lintott

Astronaut Life

What is life for an astronaut like? How has it changed over the years? What different kinds of challenges do they face? This topical collection describes certain problems astronauts face and follows with resources that show how people have tried to solve those problems; it includes pictures and videos. Goal: Students will be able to identify a problem, brain storm solutions, and then compare the actual answers to their solutions. Tags: space, astronaut, food, exercise, problem solving, space travel, brain storming
Jade Lintott

The Space Race

This topical collection is an overview of the major events and developments of the space race that could supplement a lesson on the Cold War; it includes photos and videos. Goal: After exploring the collection, students will have a better understanding of the space race, how it was influenced by world politics, and how it influenced world politics. Tags: Sputnik, Apollo missions, space race, cold war, moon, moon landing
Jade Lintott