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Cody Coltharp

Digital Interactive Designer
Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access
Primary (5 to 8 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old), Adults, Post-Secondary
Language Arts And English, Geometry, Design, Literature, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, US History, World History, Arts :
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Cody Coltharp is a Digital Interactive Designer at the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access. He serves as project manager for a variety of projects that use digitized museum objects in innovative ways, including virtual/augmented reality and web/mobile based applications. He is also co-chair of SI-Gaming, a group of Smithsonian educators and technicians interested in making Smithsonian digital content more engaging through interactivity.

Cody Coltharp's collections


Parks and Playgrounds: Preschool

<p>Use these pictures to help your child make careful observations of their world and use words to describe what they think and wonder about.  This collection is meant to stimulate curiosity and develop vocabulary with the youngest learners. There are conversation starters among the images, but be sure to let the child's interest and your own questions drive the discussion. </p> <p>Combine these images with real-world examples from your child's books, toys, or your own community. If you're interested in learning more about an individual image, click on the "i" icon located in the top left to view the museum description. </p> <p>This has been adapted from the <a href="" target="_blank">Project Zero's “See Think Wonder"</a> Visible Thinking routine, meant for exploring works of art and other interesting things.</p> <p>A free printable version is included at the end of the collection. </p> <p>#visiblethinking</p> <p></p>
Cody Coltharp

How Posters Work

<p>This collection is inspired by Cooper Hewitt's 2015 book and exhibition How Posters Work, written by Ellen Lupton, presenting works from the museum's astonishing collection of over 4,000 historic and contemporary posters.</p><p>In this student activity, you'll learn the basics of poster and advertisement design: how to tell a story, excite the eye, and use visual language to create emotional, effective design. At the conclusion of the lesson, you'll create a film poster of your own. This collection is perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, and enthusiasts alike. All you need is a passion for design, a curious eye, and love for a visual story.</p><p><a href="">Watch Ellen share her own poster design process in a hands-on design lesson here</a>, or <a href="">explore the original Cooper Hewitt exhibition</a></p>
Cody Coltharp

Game Changers: Quest 4 Resources

<p>Look at the examples we've provided to see how Apollo re-entry capsules protected their astronauts, and choose one to research. Send it to Nia with a description of what it is, how it was used, and how it can help her.</p><p> Later you will be building your own re-entry capsule to send to Nia. Think about how some of the designs you see in this collection could be used in your lander, and how you might improve them.</p>
Cody Coltharp

Activity Collection: 3D Modeling Bugs!

<p>Go through the character sketches and renders from the animated feature "Bugs!" and guess what personalities the characters portray based on pose, shape, and expression. Then, using scientific illustrations from the National Museum of Natural History as reference, create your very own insect character in the <a href="">Sculptris</a> software.</p><hr /><p>This is one of 5 activities used in the Lenovo Week of Service event.</p>
Cody Coltharp

Activity Collection: Botany Field Book

<p>This teaching guide includes a lesson plan originally published as "Smithsonian in Your Classroom." It introduces students to the work of botanists and botanical illustrators. The students try their own hands at botanical illustration, following the methods of Smithsonian artists. Also included here is an additional optional resource: "Meet the Artist" to discover more about Smithsonian Botanical Illustrator Alice Tangerini.</p> <p><br /></p> <hr /><p>This is one of 5 activities used in the Lenovo Week of Service event.</p><p><em>#visiblethinking</em><br /></p>
Cody Coltharp

Activity Collection: ArtBots!

<p>In this activity collection, you'll learn how to create your very own art-making robot--an ArtBot! </p> <p><br /></p> <hr /><p>Special thanks to Lenovo</p>
Cody Coltharp