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Arctic Social Sciences

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Webpage provides information about representative projects in Arctic social sciences that have been funded by the National Science Foundation. Includes current research projects/news and a section on ethics specific to working with Arctic peoples.

Japanese Universities Are Shuttering Social Sciences and Humanities Departments

Smithsonian Magazine

Most higher education institutions offer a wide range of topics, from engineering and science to literature, history and sociology have long been a backbone of . But, as Alex Dean reports for The Guardian, that is changing in Japan as over 50 universities reduce or eliminate their humanities and social sciences departments entirely.

The change comes after Hakuban Shimomura, Japan’s education minister, urged national universities and institutes of higher education to “take active steps to abolish [social science and humanities departments] or to convert them to serve areas that better meet society’s needs,” writes ICEF Monitor

It’s a move that’s sending “shivers down academic spines” worldwide, says Dean. Shimomura’s criticism of humanities education aligns with the “utilitarian” priorities of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, writes TIME’s Nash Jenkins: In an attempt to rebuild Japan’s stature, Abe has urged his government to focus on vocational education.

Inside Japan, the announcement that dozens of universities intend to leave behind the humanities has horrified some academics — even those in the sciences. “The university is both an educational and a research institution,” wrote the Executive Board of the Science Council of Japan in a statement. “Any devaluation of the [humanities and social sciences] in higher education could result in narrowing the opportunity for academics to fully exercise their scholarly expertise. This would in turn discourage those who aspire to be academics and hereby hamper the balanced progress of academic knowledge.”

The “softer sciences” and arts have long been stigmatized as useless, frivolous and impractical. But that view could be changing, at least outside of Japan’s government: Recent research shows that liberal arts majors can close much of the pay gap with those who specialize in STEM over time, and humanities degrees are now in high demand among high-profile startups.

Design for Social Justice

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Following a reading of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines, students identify social injustice in their own communities through both traditional and hands-on research and design a solution for those problems.

HangTime: Coordinated Social Media Campaigns & Citizen Science featuring Lesley Parilla

Smithsonian Institution
Join us as we discuss the impact of coordinated social media campaigns and their impact on citizen science activity with Lesley Parilla, Field Book Project Coordinator. We want to hear your questions! Send them to or tweet @TranscribeSI- before and during our chat.

Social Sauropods?

Smithsonian Magazine

Discussion about Coordinated Social Media Campaigns & Citizen Science

National Museum of Natural History
Ever wonder how #FWTrueLove and #FossilFossick came to be? On May 5, Meghan Ferriter, Transcription Center Coordinator, and Lesley Parilla, Field Book Project Cataloging Coordinator, held a hangout with Transcription Center volunteers to talk about how these campaigns came about, their evolution, and how volunteer interactions influence future campaigns. There...

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

Smithsonian Libraries
Imprint varies.

Description based on: New ser., v. 3, pt. 1 (1830); title from cover.

Latest issue consulted: Vol. 83, pt. 4, published in 1993.

Issued irregularly in parts.

Also available online.

Also issued online.

General index to the first four volumes, appended to v. 4; General index to the fifth and sixth voluems, appended to v. 6.


"Held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge."

Barbara Novak

National Portrait Gallery

Arnold Joseph Toynbee

National Portrait Gallery

Changing the World: Social Entrepreneurs Part One

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Lesson addresses the role of social entrepreneurs in affecting positive social change around the world. Introduces students to the concept of social entrepreneurship through research and a graphic organizing activity to visually present what they have learned.

Changing the World: Social Entrepreneurs Part Two (9-12)

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
This lesson addresses the role of social entrepreneurs in affecting positive social change around the world. Students work in small groups to create seminar presentations on methods of affecting change.

Adolph Bandelier

National Portrait Gallery

Mari Susette Sandoz

National Portrait Gallery

Charles Darnton

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John A. Lapp

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William Hewson

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Nicolas Slonimsky

National Portrait Gallery

Edith Hamilton

National Portrait Gallery

Corliss Lamont

Catalog of American Portraits

Dorothy Parker

National Portrait Gallery

Gregory Bateson

National Portrait Gallery

Dorothy Parker

National Portrait Gallery
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