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Interview with Wadsworth Jarrell

Archives of American Art
Digital File : 6 digital files : digital ;

Interview with Wadsworth Jarrell, a founder of African American artist collective AfriCOBRA, conducted by TV Land/Hudson Street Productions. The interview consists of 6 digital files found on a CD, including digital sound files and a digital transcript.


National Museum of African American History and Culture
This print depicts Angela Davis, a major figure in the fight for civil rights, in a state of impassioned speech. Davis' face and figure is formed out of strings of brilliantly colored letters, some of which form words. These letters are generated from a central point and radiate outward. The multiple colors and shading of these letters create the planes and contours that make up Davis' face, hair, and upper torso. Viewed from below, she is a monumental figure, head thrust forward, with open mouth. Her right hand, holding a microphone or walkie-talkie, is held up near her mouth. She wears a pink jacket that fastens along the left side. The jacket hem is edged by a red cartridge bandolier.