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Cultural Anthropology

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Front cover depicts, on yellow ground, an image of a Native American woman grooming a Native American child in an elliptical dark green border. Surrounding the image is the title "CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY," printed in dark green. Below the title is the phrase, "THIRD EDITION," followed by the name of the author, "Marvin Harris." Printed at the top of the spine is the author's last name followed by the title and "3E." At the bottom of the spine is the Harper Collins colophon. Printed on the back cover is a summary of the book followed by information on the author. Dispersed through the book cover are small orange anthropological symbols.

Arts and Cultural Anthropology Exhibit, Smithsonian Institution Building

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
Original negative number is 41328.

Arts and Cultural Anthropology Exhibit in the Smithsonian Castle. There is a large display case in the foreground, paintings are hung along the exhibit walls, and the windows of the Castle can be seen behind the exhibit space.

Archeologists Work with Artifacts from Division of Cultural Anthropology

Smithsonian Institution Archives
Digital contact sheet available.

Frame selections featured in "The Torch," July 1965.

Visiting archeologists from the Hemisphere Republics, Father Pedro Porras and Silvia Maranca, work with artifacts from the Division of Cultural Anthropology at the Museum of Natural History.

Anthropology Exhibit, Khmer Culture, National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
"Cambodia: The Khmer Culture" exhibit in the "Pacific and Asian Cultures" exhibit in the National Museum of Natural History. The case contains various tools and baskets. The exhibit opened in 1962.

Department of Anthropology: Anthropology Conservation Laboratory

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
The laboratory gives professional care to collections; prepares collections for exhibit and loan; and implements preventive conservation projects. Describes the scope of work, recent projects, and biographies of staff.

Anthropology Teaching Activities: Church Ethnographies

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Activity encourages students to examine religious institutions as the total integration of culture that is valuable to anthropologists. Students do participant observation and write an ethnography.

Anthropology Explored: Teacher's Guide

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
This teacher's guide accompanies Anthropology Explored, a collection of 36 essays written in an easy-to-read style by some of the world's leading anthropologists. The chapters trace the emergence of humans, discuss early settlements, and explore the diversity of past and present cultures. Includes chapter summaries, discussion questions, essay questions, and a glossary.

Cultural Logo Design

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Lesson about identity, culture, and symbols in which students learn to recognize prevalent cultural and commercial symbols. After discussing how these symbols have an impact on their lives, their consumer impulses, and their perceptions, students design a logo to represent personal identity.

Anthropology Teacher Resources

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
A list of free teacher resources put out by the NMNH Department of Anthropology. Includes issues of Anthronotes (publication for educators), leaflets, bibliographies, and teacher packets on a variety of topics within anthropology.

Anthropology: Summer Fieldwork Opportunities

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Leaflet suggesting ways in which teachers, students, and the general public can become personally involved in the field of anthropology through field schools and research organizations.

Anthropology Teaching Activities: Ethical Dilemmas

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Group discussion activity intended to introduce or conclude a unit on social change, culture conflict, technology, or anthropological theory and method. Includes case studies for students to discuss and references for further reading.

Teaching and Learning Anthropology

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Resources for teachers from the Department of Anthropology. For general anthropology, specific areas, and Native American anthropology. Includes online bibliographies, contact information, teaching activities, and publications and products for purchase.

Department of Anthropology: Archaeology, Ethnology, and Physical Anthropology Collections

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Homepage for the archaeology, ethnology, and physical anthropology collections of the Department of Anthropology. Searchable online database includes 97 percent of the cataloged specimens that are currently in the Ethnology and Archaeology collections. New records are added as specimens are cataloged. Includes information on how to order photographs of items in the collection.

Anthropology Hall, USNM

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
See 1930s image, neg. #27069, for a close-up of the front exhibit case of just the diorama of the Samoan Indian group.

This print is reproduced in USNM Bulletin 80, Plate 19, following page 114. There are many other photographs of the National Museum of Natural History in this location, as well as throughout RU79, Box 9.

A sepia image is available under Neg. #SIA2009-2193.

Anthropology Hall in the new United States National Museum, now the National Museum of Natural History. The Anthropology Hall contains many exhibit cases with artifacts in them. The front exhibit case, which was part of the Polynesian ethnology exhibit, shows a life group of indigenous people of the Samoan Indian group with native artifacts.

Anthropology Teaching Activities: Fieldwork in the Classroom

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Interview project matching anthropology students with ESL students to conduct field interviews. Could be used as an investigative tool for any facet of cultural anthropology.

Anthropology on the Internet for K-12

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Select list of annotated resources online for students and educators interested in the field of anthropology. Organized by sub-field ie: cultural anthropology, archaeology, area studies, etc.

Department of Anthropology Outreach

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Webpage for the Anthropology Outreach Office, which promotes understanding of the field of anthropology and the research conducted in the Smithsonian's Department of Anthropology. Lists publications and teacher's packets on a variety of anthropological topics. All materials are free of charge.

Anthropology on the Internet for K-12

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
List of web sites with a brief annotation that are valuable to teachers and students interested in the field of anthropology. Sections include - general sources, career information, archaeology, social/cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistics, area studies, museums, virtual exhibits, and electronic publications.

Anthropology Exhibit, Snake Dance

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
An exhibition of the Hopi Snake Dancers of Arizona. This life group contains nine dancers. The exhibit is part of the Anthropology Exhibit in the United States National Museum, now known as the National Museum of Natural History.

Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage - Explore Culture

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
The education page of the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. Access education kits, curriculum materials, videos, and recordings for classroom and other educational uses.

Joseph Brown in Anthropology Laboratory

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
Featured in TORCH, November 1982

Museum Specialist Joseph Brown in the National Museum of Natural History Anthropology Processing Laboratory sitting behind a table full of skulls, October 1, 1982.

Anthropology Teaching Activities: Exploring Historic Cemeteries

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access
Student activity shows how anthropologists use gravestones as cultural artifacts which show variations in time and place that reflect changes in culture. Students will visit a cemetery and explore the gravestones.

Ethnology; physical anthropology; linguistics

National Anthropological Archives
Digital surrogates are available online.

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