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Norse Presentation

A collection of images used for our World Mythology Presentation

Norse Group

Test 2

a test 

Miguel Mascorro

Alice Paul

William Grosso

World War II

Naomi Luna


Matthew Rodriguez


Frank Ites

Awesome Pics

Historical Pics that are awesome!!!

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Sulnysvor Sulnysvor

Alexander the Great: The Greek Conqueror and Cultural Blender

The purpose of this collection is to show how the powerful leaders of greatest civilization changed the direction of existing Religion, culture, history and art as per their beliefs and a sudden transition from one period to another. Art forms were developed at different speeds in various parts of the Greek world and, as in any period, some artists had more innovative styles than others. Strong local traditions, conservative by nature, and local cultural requirements allow historians to locate the very origins of works of art. This collection is part two of three that that I have organized, chronologically, on Akhenaton: The Pharaoh, considered heretical, triggered a veritable cultural and religious revolution. The other two collections are " Alexander the Great: The Greek Conqueror and Cultural blender" and Octavian Augustus: The Roman Emperor "The illustrious one". It is my hope that these collections will help viewers to understand influential power of world’s ancient leaders in the field of Art and Culture.

Alexander came to love the arts and greatly appreciates Homeric poetry. He always has with him a copy of Homer's epic poems and dreams of imitating the exploits of his heroes, Achilles and Heracles, and of living like them.

Alexander's conquests have created an immense empire, and its impact on the world stage is still the subject of discussion among historians. Politically, it was the end of Alexander's empire, and culturally, the achievements of the latter introduced the Hellenistic era. The historians who criticize Alexander see him as short-sighted and claim that he only sought to cover himself with glory for his military exploits, while deploring the fact that there were no other worlds to conquer. According to the Roman emperor Augustus, Alexander should have been more satisfied with his role as leader than that of conqueror. Admirers say he has paved the way for the definition of a new political order. Others now had to carry out what he undertook.

Alexander seemed to believe in this Hellenization of the world, in this possibility of making all men live under the same law of reason, a conception which his former tutor Aristotle would have criticized in a lost work, entitled Alexander or the Colonies, considering that a difference of Nature separates forever the Greeks, destined to live free under political institutions, Barbarians devoted to despotism and servitude.

Alexander made the fusion of nationalities both the means and the goal of his work of colonization. In the space of ten years, a whole world had been discovered and conquered; the barriers which separated the East from the West had fallen, and the roads which were henceforth to communicate the countries of the east and west were open.

This development often took place in a rather brutal manner, and often produced degeneration in which the glance of history, which embraces all the ages, can alone discover the latent and powerful thrust of progress.

For Hellenic art, he gained nothing to exaggerate the calm grandeur of harmonic proportions to accommodate the Asian taste, the sumptuous display of colossal masses, to want to surpass the idealism of his spontaneous works by the luxury of materials precious and realistic pleasure of the eyes.

The dark magnificence of the Egyptian temples, the fantastic buildings of the castle and the rooms of Persepolis , the gigantic ruins of Babylon, the Hindu buildings with their serpent-shaped idols and their elephants squatting under the columns, all this, mixed with the traditions of national art, no doubt opened a rich treasure of new ideas and ideas for Hellenic artists. Alexander’s conquests generated a great cultural diffusion and syncretism, promoting the development of things such as Greco-Buddhism. Also, his habit of creating Greek colonies helped spread Greek culture in the east, sometimes with long-lasting impacts. As late as the 1920s, there were communities of Greek speakers in far eastern Anatolia.


Ju Young Lee

Activism and Change: Clara Lemlich and the New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909

This teaching collection asks students to consider photographs and documentation about early 20th-century Jewish immigrant activist Clara Lemlich (1886-1982, leader of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and founder of the Progressive Women’s Councils), in the larger context of New York's Garment Industry, the New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909, and the 1911 Triangle Waist Factory fire. By pairing historical documentation with three thinking routines from Harvard's Project Zero Global Thinking and Agency by Design materials - "Step In, Step Out, Step Back," "Think, Feel, Care," and "Circles of Action," - the collection encourages students to explore complexity and perspective, and fosters a disposition to participate. 

Included here are photographs, documentation, and resources from the Jewish Women's Archive's Encyclopedia of Jewish Women, the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives at Cornell University's Industrial and Labor Relations School, the Tenement Museum, and the National Museum of American History. 

This collection pairs well with chapter 11 ("Jews are Pushed from Russia") of Ronald Takaki's A Different Mirror for Young People: A History of Multicultural America, and supports Unit 1: Intersectionality of Economics, Politics, and Policy, and Unit 3: Local History and Current Issues, of the Austin ISD Ethnic Studies Part B course. 


Philippa Rappoport

Native American Beading: Examples, Artist Interview, Demonstration and Printable Instructions for Hands-on Activity

This collection looks at examples of bead work among Native American women, in particular Kiowa artist Teri Greeves, and helps students to consider these works as both expressions of the individual artist and expressions of a cultural tradition.

The collection includes work samples and resources, an interview with Ms. Greeves, demonstration video of how to make a Daisy Chain bracelet, and printable instructions.

Naomi Manzella

Selma and A March for Freedom

Sunday morning, March 7, 1965, several hundred protesters gathered in Selma, Alabama planning to march to Montgomery in the hopes of obtaining federal protection for a voting rights statute. 

Key terms:

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Movement

Tanis Ockwell

IB Biology Pentadactly Limbs

Gretel von Bargen

Women and Science

These resources are for the students in the Women and Science Honors Seminar at Rutgers, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Professor Joan Bennett. They highlight women represented in different Smithsonian collections for their pioneering works. 

Women faced challenges when they entered male dominant institutions, such as employment in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They faced struggle for gender inclusion, and in some cases, added racial discrimination. In many cases, the accomplishments of women and people of color were rendered invisible in the official histories of institutions. With the pioneering works of feminist activists and gender scholars, counter narratives are now emerging to illuminate the ongoing project of racial and gender inclusion in the 21st  century. 

 For additional resources on women in science at Smithsonian, go to the site Women in Science.  Also the NASA site from Hidden Figures to Modern Figures celebrates the accomplishments of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan who contributed as researchers to NASA projects. 

Kayo Denda

Benjamin Franklin's method of habit formation.

Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, writer, publisher and economist relates in his autobiography that early in his life he decided to focus on arriving at moral perfection. He made a list of 13 virtues, assigning a page to each. Under each virtue, he wrote a summary that gave it fuller meaning. Then he practised each one for a certain length of time.

To make these virtues a habit, Franklin can up with a method to grade himself on his daily actions. In a journal, he drew a table with a row for every virtue and a column for every day of the week. Every time he made a fault, he made a mark in the appropriate column. Each week he focused his attention on a different virtue. Over time, through repetition, he hoped to one day experience the pleasure of “viewing a clean Book.”

Akash Mahurkar

Digital Museum Resources for the High School Ethnic Studies Classroom (Irving Arts Center )

This collection includes digital museum resources and replicable activities that will serve as a springboard for discussion during the Exploration of Ethnic Studies workshop at the Irving Arts Center on October 16, 2019. The collection models how digital museum resources can be leveraged to support critical thinking and deeper learning for high school Ethnic Studies curricula. The collection can be copied and adapted for use in your own classroom. 

This program received Federal support from the Latino Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Latino Center.


Keywords: Ethnic Studies, Mexican American Studies, MAS

Philippa Rappoport

English colonies in North America

This is a slideshow of the English Colonies in North America, in 1450-1700.  

kelly correa


super cool and rad ap history mr foslund B^)
isabella martinez

“A letter from a girl to the world”


Cristi Marchetti

Ancient religious architectures VS. Modern religious architectures

Inside this Ancient religious architectures VS. Modern religious architecture collection, I will be showing various religious architectures/buildings from the ancient times vs the modern religious building that we have right now. The purpose of creating this collection is because I want to distinguish the difference between the religious architecture around the world and compare it to what the architectures look like back in the old time, since both are religious building, it both are dedicated to a specific goddess, but their outside look looks totally different. The history of architecture is concerned with religious buildings other than any other type. People use the buildings such as temples, churches, mosques, etc. as a place to worship and sometimes shelter. Those religious architectures are also known as the Sacred architectures, many cultures and countries devoted their resources to their sacred buildings to show their respect for their goddess and to worship them. We don’t just see them in ancient history. Today, there is still building being built in the modern world purely for religious reasons, such as churches and temples. In this collection, I will be showing a mix of modern religious buildings and ancient buildings, I will be comparing the two different centuries architectures through pictures.


Jenny Chou


Gail Zwerling
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