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Animal Symbolism in Art and Culture - #AHMCFall2019 - Emily Heffernan (Curated Collection Part 1 and Part 2)

People of all ages and cultures have used animals in their art work, sculptures and even music. Do you remember how Taylor Swift incorporated snakes into her album artwork?  Even her merchandising used animals as a message demonstrating that Taylor may have been portrayed like a snake in the media but she is a strong fierce competitor in the music industry. No on could take that away from her,  she was turning a negative image into a positive outcome. 

 Snakes in Taylor Swifts Music  (Click the link if you want to check out her album).  

A little bit about me... I am an animal lover and growing up with pets in my life (we currently have a dog named Wally who just turned nine) it has always interested me to see how people focus on animals as a subject matter. Many cultures have used specific animals to represent their beliefs and incorporated the animals' characteristics.  (One example is that Asian cultures identify tigers with power or agility characteristics. 

For my first collection (Part 1) I will be looking at three explosive periods of civilization and examine art in various forms whether its cave paintings or mosaics.  My first piece  is going to focus specifically on animals as I figured each of the three collections can expand upon my interests, animals being one of them.  I think the potential audience my collection applies to is college student, high school students, art history majors and any one else  interested in animals and their significance through out time.


1. Earliest Culture - Paleolithic Period

The first two tiles will examine the Paleothic Period and why animals were so important and I will include a small except of what their beliefs are.

2. Egyptian Civilization 

The third and fourth tiles will talk about the Egyptian Culture and why cats were so symbolic in art.

3. Roman Civilization 

Lastly, the final fifth and sixth title will examine the animals statues explored in our  text book and  include a very interesting mosaic showing why crocodiles were so popular. 


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Curated Collection PART 2 - Monday, October 14, 2019

For my section collection (Part 2) I will be looking at three explosive periods of civilization and examine art in various forms whether its oil paintings or mosaics.  My second piece  is going to focus specifically on  different types of animals that are depicted in vital periods and cultures.  Again, I think the potential audience my collection applies to is college students, high school students, art history majors and any one else  interested in animals and their importance throughout out time.

Animals on Top 40 Music Albums (Clink the link if you want to see examples of animals in song titles and album covers)


4. Early Christianity Civilization

Animals were a significant symbol through early Christianity. They impacted culture through tales of the Bible and also were depicted in mosaics, art forms and statutes.  I focused on two depictions of the "Good Shepard" and how lambs were very valued very highly through out civilization.

5. Early Middle Ages and the Romanesque Period

This is my favorite period because of the exotic and exquisite animals shown in art.  I really enjoyed this period because of The Unicorn Chronicles which I will explain in length on my title.  Beasts such as winged animals or lizards are discussed on my second title. Check it out! 

6. The Renaissance in Italy and Northern Europe

Lastly, my final two art forms show how dogs and peacocks (especially) are reflected in art.  Again, showing animals' significance through out our time.


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Emily Heffernan

Comparing Modern Contemporary Artists

This collection dives into the comparison of modern and contemporary artists who were inspired by the ancient arts (prehistoric, ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, etc.) and builds upon the meaning of art and transformation of the different styles. What do these artists have in common? How were they inspired by the ancients?


Ashley Goerke

Norse Presentation

A collection of images used for our World Mythology Presentation

Norse Group

Religion and Architecture

This collection examines how religious architecture became more about art than just a structure. Religion and its associated art and architecture were and have been at the center of every civilization.  While this visual journey begins with religious architecture that is dedicated to many gods or even particular gods, we will see new religions that are dedicated to one God. We will visualize how new religions brought about their own changes within the architecture. This will allow us to visualize how religious architecture has always played a vital role in early civilizations continuing to the world we live in today. 

As we examine these early structures, we can see how some of the themes are the same in different cultures. For example, while the Sumerians utilized more of a solid structure for religion as in the Ziggurat of Ur. The use of the columns and the use of the open space is later used in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Roman architecture. Following each visual of the structures, we will see whom the structure was built and dedicated.  


Markus Vilhjalmsson


This collection demonstrates the evolution of fashion in society with an integrated evaluation of femininity and social regard to women throughout  history. Although the defining characteristics of femininity are still not universally identical, the concept originated within ancient history, and was documented in ancient art and through fashion. These investigations and collection are displayed chronologically beginning in 28,000 B.C.E throughout the 21st Century A.D. This collection will expose fashion and its relation to femininity as it began and the social constructs that have impacted its inclusion in art today. 

Fashion is to be regarded as an aesthetic expression through clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body exposure. The influence on fashion included war, politics, and social movements and is often connected to cultural movements and social markers, symbols, class and culture. Major fashion reforms came as a result of changing trades and techniques.

Shana Lapre

Mythology at SAAM

Some examples of the mythological subjects in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

Megan Howard

Telling Myth with art

An in-class activity for a college level Intro to Mythology course that has students consider how mythology is not only passed on through oral or written word, but also through art. 

Megan Howard

Test 2

a test 

Miguel Mascorro

Alice Paul

William Grosso

Emma Tenayuca: La Pasionaria

Emma Tenayuca was just sixteen years old in 1932 when she joined a strike of women cigar makers. By 1937, when she was twenty-one Emma held a leadership role with the Workers Alliance of America, a group that sought to unite organizations of unemployed and industrial workers.

In January 1938, when pecan shellers in San Antonio walked out of their jobs, they looked to Emma for leadership. Their ranks swelled to between six and eight thousand strikers. Emma was arrested and released along with hundreds of others. Although she took a background role for the duration of the strike, she continued to write flyers and provide support behind the scenes.

Then a dispute over leadership arose between the Workers Alliance and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).  Emma’s communist affiliations were used to discredit her.

Emma was supposed to meet with Communist Party members in the municipal auditorium in 1939 when a riot broke out. A crowd stormed the building, smashing windows and attacking participants. Emma managed to escape, but she never again led a major labor protest. Employers blacklisted her. As a result, Emma was unable to find work in San Antonio.

She moved to California in 1946, where she earned a college degree and stayed for many years. Returning to San Antonio in the late 1960's, she was amazed to find herself hailed as "some sort of heroine." She earned a master's degree in education at Our Lady of the Lake University and taught in San Antonio public schools until retiring in 1982. She died of Alzheimer's disease in 1999. People still remember her as La Pasionaria for her fierce defense of the working poor.

#ethnicstudies #NHD2020 #BecauseOfHerStory 

This Smithsonian Learning Lab collection received Federal support from the Asian Pacific American Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Melanie Schwebke

World War II

Naomi Luna


Frank Ites


Matthew Rodriguez

Awesome Pics

Historical Pics that are awesome!!!

Selma and A March for Freedom

Sunday morning, March 7, 1965, several hundred protesters gathered in Selma, Alabama planning to march to Montgomery in the hopes of obtaining federal protection for a voting rights statute. 

Key terms:

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Movement

Tanis Ockwell

Roman Art

The Romans culture included a ton of art. Granted, most of their ideas came from the Greek culture that preceded them. A lot of their art is a play on a Greek original. They dabbled in architecture; building temples, tombs, etc. They built sculptures with materials such as copper and iron. They even had a few writers and poets. This particular collection focuses on the architecture, sculptures and paintings related to their culture. I chose this topic and these segments because I am extremely interested in seeing how art was when it was first coming to fruition, generations ago. It is fascinating to mentally compare it to the art forms we see today. #AHMCFall2019


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Sulnysvor Sulnysvor

Animals in Art

This three part collection is a curation of examples of the relationship between animals and art. Animals were around before the human race appeared and they will probably still be around when we are long gone. Animals have been involved in every civilization whether they are pets or predators. Some see animals as sacred beings- whether it be for religious purposes, or because they are a beloved pet. In modern society, actual animal bodies could be considered art as well. Mounting deer heads, making bear skin rugs, or taxidermy, These forms can also be seen as a way of representing an animal is sacred to them. 

I will be exploring animals in art from Egyptian to modern day in different forms including paintings and sculptures. 



Project Zero Thinking Routines

This introductory collection includes the Understanding Map and several of Harvard University’s Project Zero routines. Workshop participants will select a routine(s) based on the type of thinking and understanding they are trying to encourage. The routine(s) can be paired with museum resource(s) (visuals, audio, texts) that (1) align to a topic or theme that will be taught this semester and (2) provide engaging stimuli to prompt discussion. 

#PZPGH #LatinoHAC #APA2018 #TWUtech #WISSIT #EthnicStudies

Ashley Naranjo

Women and Science

These resources are for the students in the Women and Science Honors Seminar at Rutgers, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Professor Joan Bennett. They highlight women represented in different Smithsonian collections for their pioneering works. 

Women faced challenges when they entered male dominant institutions, such as employment in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They faced struggle for gender inclusion, and in some cases, added racial discrimination. In many cases, the accomplishments of women and people of color were rendered invisible in the official histories of institutions. With the pioneering works of feminist activists and gender scholars, counter narratives are now emerging to illuminate the ongoing project of racial and gender inclusion in the 21st  century. 

 For additional resources on women in science at Smithsonian, go to the site Women in Science.  Also the NASA site from Hidden Figures to Modern Figures celebrates the accomplishments of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan who contributed as researchers to NASA projects. 

Kayo Denda

Tell Me a Story: The Human Imperative for Narrative

In this collection, I am exploring the connections between storytelling and art.  I will also look at the connection of storytelling to neuroscience and the effects of storytelling on the human brain. I will be referencing the work of Will Storr (The Science of Storytelling), David JP Philips, Noël Carroll, and resources from institutions such as the Smithsonian, The National Gallery of Art, The British Museum, National Geographic, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.  I will look at how artists use content, meaning, and context to create narrative within their particular medium.

The audience for this collection might be students of psychology or English.  It could be of interest to creators of story including novelists, playwrights, actors, screenwriters, musicians, and visual artists.



Sexuality in Art: From Prehistoric Times - Renaissance #AHMC2019 #AHMCFall2019

Even in present day, where most of us would like
to be considered open-minded and worldly, there is a stigma attached to sex.
The idea behind this collection is to present how sexuality was uncensored and
part of everyday life in many ancient cultures, in an effort to once again
normalize erotic content. Some of the pieces are explicit in their depictions, some
are merely nudity or suggestions of sexual activity, but what they all have in
common is evidence of the human curiosity and interest in erotica. In some
cases, depictions of sex or graphic nudity were so commonplace that they weren’t
considered titillating but, rather, they were used for religious purposes, talismans
for good fortune, or even mere objects of comedy relief. The audience I’m
looking to reach are those who think of sex in artwork as lewd or vulgar, and
for them to walk away gaining a better understanding of the reason behind such
work, and to also see the beauty in human expression. 

#AHMC2019 #AHMCFall2019


From Medieval to Modernism: The Impact of Classical Art & Architecture

The Roman Civilization was one of the most unique periods of times from their food, to music and dance, to art and architecture - the Romans and their culture was ahead of their time. Rome was filled with much art and even their buildings were considered art - the dome-like structures, the high arches and the vaults. Roman art is the basis for many paintings as well as structures today. The art through their music, dance and architecture played a profound role back then and in today's society. 

Throughout this collection readers will get a glimpse of the start of Roman architecture and how it came to be, how paintings and art lined the walls of these buildings and how art through music and dance was developed. With that, readers will be able to engage and visualize Rome and how that culture influences today. They will also have the ability to recognize the true and inner beauty that lies in Rome and Roman culture amidst the chaos that regularly occurred there on a day to day basis, The truth will always remain beautiful even when it doesn't seem that way.

This collection is available for those wanting to see the beginnings of the Roman culture whether it be through music, art, dance or architecture and will provide a better visual understanding that before the beauty of what Rome is today, there was once beauty at the start of it all and that remains throughout the years, just presented in different forms. 


Candi Tate
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