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You Do Not Want to Fall in This Croc-Infested River

Smithsonian Channel
Baiting crocodiles is a dangerous activity, but sisters Crystal and Jackie Gray are experts. The process involves buffalo meat and being very, very careful. From the show Mighty Cruise Ships: Celebrity Solstice:

You Do Not Want to Get Tased by This Eel

Smithsonian Channel
The electric eel generates electric shocks of up to 1,000 volts, 80 times the electric voltage of a car battery. Watch as a caiman learns this fact the hard way. From: ELECTRIC AMAZON

You Don't Want to Be Around When Baboons are Hunting

Smithsonian Channel
If the opportunity presents itself, this primate embraces its carnal side. From: LETHAL ATTRACTIONS

You Don't Want to Step on a Stonefish

Smithsonian Channel
Stonefish are aptly named - they look exactly like stone, allowing them to blend into their surroundings and surprise unwitting prey. From: SPEED KILLS: Ocean

You Don't Want to be on the Receiving End of a Caiman’s Bite (4K)

Smithsonian Channel
Male caiman bites are extremely powerful – a staggering 270 pounds per square inch. This older male is about to feel its full force in a battle with a younger rival. From the Series: Brazil Untamed: Jaguar Den

You Have V-Mail

Smithsonian Magazine
Victory Mail allowed servicemen during World War II to transmit letters to their loved ones back home quickly and easily (National Postal Museum). Read more at

You Probably Don't Want Your Airline Pilot to Try This

Smithsonian Channel
Third generation stunt pilot and Minnesota's favorite daredevil, John Mohr, attempts astonishing aerial acrobatics in his 1943 Stearman biplane. From: AERIAL AMERICA

You Should Thank This Man for Inventing Jet Boats

Smithsonian Channel
In 1954, a man named Bill Hamilton invented the water-jet propelled boat, ideal for exploring the shallow rivers of his native New Zealand. This later revolutionized boating worldwide. From the Show: Aerial New Zealand

You Won't Believe How the Archer Fish Catches Insects (4K)

Smithsonian Channel
Archer fish more than live up to their name. In the blink of an eye, they shoot a jet of water into the air taking down any nearby insects, with devastating accuracy. From the Series: Secrets of Wild Australia: The Waterhole

You Won't Believe What the First Toothbrush Was Made of

Smithsonian Channel
When William Addis was sentenced to prison in the late 18th century, he occupied himself with an unheard of task: perfecting the world’s first mass-produced toothbrush. From: MY MILLION DOLLAR INVENTION: Criminal Riches

You Won't Believe the Size of Botswana's Salt Flats

Smithsonian Channel
In Deception Valley, giant salt flats the size of Portugal are a major boon to the Botswanan economy. Today, Botswana relies heavily on extracting, manufacturing and exporting mineral commodities, such as soda ash. From the Series: Aerial Africa: Botswana

You'll Crave This American Gin Cocktail With a Citrus Twist

Smithsonian Channel
Mix up a new classic American cocktail at home with this step-by-step guide to Last Call of Duty, Gui Jaroschy's original cocktail creation for Smithsonian's Raise a Glass to History. From: A STAR-SPANGLED STORY: BATTLE FOR AMERICA

You'll Never Guess How Writing Was Created

Smithsonian Channel
The invention of writing transformed civilization as we know it. Experts have traced some of the earliest form of it to Mari, an ancient Sumerian city. From: EAST MEETS WEST: The Birth of Civilization

You'll Never Hear a Leopard Coming

Smithsonian Channel
Leopards can scale tree trunks and leap 20 feet in a single bound, but at night they really prove their abilities, moving silently on padded feet and stalking their victims with perfect night vision. Watch the Full Episode with your FREE trial for Smithsonian Channel Plus by signing up today at From: SPEED KILLS: Jungle

You're Invited: Hirshhorn Ball with Pussy Noir

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Make a statement with your most extra outfit at the HIRSHHORN BALL, inspired by surrealism, the artistic movement that championed radical expression through the irrational, the eclectic, and the unexpected. Raise a glass to fashion, authenticity, and self-expression with local icon Pussy Noir and expect the unexpected with interactive pop-up performances by some of DC’s chicest entertainers from House of Sonique. Show us surrealness. Show us you! June 15, 2019 Get Tickets at! All proceeds go to support our free public programs and exhibitions.

You're the Interviewer

Smithsonian Education
Smithsonian experts and curators return to Shout to update us on their latest findings, field your questions, focus on your insights, and address your concerns about environmental issues and successes. Presented by: Cheryl Arnett, Gary Krupnick, Bill McShea, Ana Maria Tinsler, Jonathan R. Thompson, Sunshine Van Bael, and others. Original Airdate: September 21, 2011 You can stay connected with the Smithsonian's upcoming online events and view a full collection of past sessions on a variety of topics.: With support from Microsoft Partners in Learning.

You've Got to Fly Before You Can Eat

Smithsonian Channel
When their parents abruptly stop feeding them, young gannets are forced to learn to fly - but with untrained wings and little wind, that's a tall order. From: SPEED KILLS: Ocean

You've Never Heard the Story of the Pilgrims Like This Before

Smithsonian Channel
When they first arrived on the coastline, the Pilgrims anchored in Provincetown before crossing Cape Cod Bay and settling in the more sheltered haven of Plymouth. From the Series: Aerial America: Massachusetts

You've Never Seen Nude Paintings Like This Before

Smithsonian Channel
Lucian Freud's fascination with the human body and his desire to challenge himself lead to a series of nude paintings that many thought were unsalable - until the Hirshhorn made a daring purchase. From: FREUD'S NAKED TRUTHS

You've Never Seen a Shark Feeding Frenzy Like This

Smithsonian Channel
Contrary to popular belief, skilled divers can feed a large group of sharks without becoming dinner themselves. See how. From: SHARK GIRL

Young Ambassadors Program Internships

Smithsonian Latino Center
Learn more about the Young Ambassadors Program internship experiences

Young Ambassadors Program Washington Week

Smithsonian Latino Center
Learn more about the Washington Week experience of the Young Ambassadors Program

Young Monkeys See a Tortoise for the First Time

Smithsonian Channel
A troop of toque macaques are grazing on grass when they encounter an unexpected visitor: an Indian star tortoise. Naturally, the adolescents of the group are intrigued. From the Series: Monkey Island: Leaving Home

Young Orangutan Learns How to Scoop Water

Smithsonian Channel
A class to teach orphan orangutans how to forage in flooded areas sees every orangutan develop their own technique. One enterprising adolescent even figures how to use a coconut shell to gather water. From the Series: Orangutan Jungle School: Tots, Teens. and Tantrums
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