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Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys

Smithsonian Channel
Unlike Jurassic Park's lizard-like creatures, real raptors had feathers and looked a lot more like their closest relatives -- birds. From: THE REAL STORY: Jurassic Park

Why You Should Always Keep Your Plane Seatbelt Fastened

Smithsonian Channel
Buckling up your seatbelt on a plane could end up saving your life - and not just during landing and take off. The deadly crash of Asiana 214 on July 6, 2013 is a stark reminder why. From the Series: Air Disasters

Ice Core Records - 2015 Webinar Part 7

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
This presentation is an overview for the Ice Core Records – From Volcanoes to Supernovas educational materials developed by the NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory high energy astrophysics mission.

Paracords Data Visualization | Nature–Design Triennial

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
These visualizations are produced by software designed for studying microbiomes through metagenomics, a method that identifies every organism in an environment at the time a sample is taken. DNA sequences of organisms found in an infant’s gut are displayed in different ways. A color-coded bar chart shows which genes are most expressive. A parallel coordinates graph facilitates comparisons of different taxonomic variables. On view in "Nature–Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial" through January 2020. This video is described.

Markus Greiner Part 1of 2

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Markus Greiner, Harvard University, lecture during the ITAMP/B2 Institute Winter Graduate School on AMO Physics held at the B2 Campus in Arizona, Jan 8-20, 2012

Aashish_Clerk, McGill University - Lec II, January 5, 2013

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Aashish Clerk, McGill University, lecturing during ITAMP/B2 Institute Winter Graduate School on AMO Physics held at the B2 campus in Arizona January 4-11,2013. Quantum nano science - the detection and manipulation of quantum mechanical behavior in small mechanical structures.

Della Mae performs "The Star-Spangled Banner"

National Museum of American History
Della Mae, an all-girls Americana group, performs a special version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in honor of the song's 200th anniversary. The museum will "Raise It Up!" and celebrate the 200th anniversary by uniting the original manuscript with the flag at the Museum from June 14-July 6, 2014 and holding a special event at the museum on Flag Day (Saturday, June 14, 2014). Join the party: Special thanks to the team at Wool and Tusk for their hard work and creativity: Scott Mele, Roger Pistole, Derek West, Joe Pisapia, David Bartin, Michael Freeman, Alexis Kaback, Daniel Walker, Jeff Rosen, Harvey Moltz, and Greg and Erin Whiteley.

A Natural History of the Cellphone with Josh Bell

National Museum of Natural History
Could you live without your cellphone? Meet cultural anthropologist Joshua A. Bell. He studies the social implications of the cellphone being one of our most intimate possessions. Explore the cellphone supply chain and how these gadgets are changing the world. Aired June 4, 2015.

Studying Birds and West Nile

National Zoo
Smithsonian scientists are studying the effects of West Nile Virus on migratory birds and what that means for humans. Dr. Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center at the National Zoo discusses the work he's doing on the National Mall and what the robin population has to do with your chances of being infected with the virus.

MCI Textile Conservation Interview (shorter version)

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
The Textile Conservator from the Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institute talks about her conservation work and projects.


Smithsonian Education
Smithsonian Affiliations Director, Harold Closter, speaks at the grand opening of "A Look Into the Sixties: An Exhibition on the Decade that Changed the World" at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Sentence under Planetary Science webinar Part 4

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
The 2014 National Science Planetary Science Event focuses on the properties and evolution of extraterrestrial ice and water in the Solar System.

Field in Focus: Linno Cave 360

National Zoo
Look around and see what it's like to be surrounded by more than 500,000 bats in Linno Cave. Wildlife veterinarians with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's Global Health Program are collecting samples from the bats to test for infectious diseases that could possibly spread to humans. Watch Field in Focus—Predicting Pandemics to learn more about the research wildlife veterinarians are doing at Linno Cave.

Kennith Slowik and the Smithsonian Chamber Players

Smithsonian Music
The Smithsonian Chamber Players, Vera Beths, Colin Jacobson, Nicholas Cords, Max Mendel and Kennith Slowik perform

National Design Awards Gala 2015 - Opening Remarks

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Welcome speeches delivered at the National Design Awards Gala by Caroline Baumann, Director of Cooper Hewitt, and Dr. David J. Skorton, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. The National Design Awards Gala 2015 was held at Pier Sixty in New York City on October 15. Learn more about the National Design Awards:

Musket Ball Cluster in 60 Seconds

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Using a combination of powerful observatories in space and on the ground, astronomers have discovered a violent collision between two galaxy clusters.

ARTLAB | "Real Friends" - TK the Rellik ft. TréMendous - Beat by Ned Callin

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
TK the Rellik and TréMendous were caught rehearsing before a studio recording session. Check out their new track "Real Friends" and stop by ARTLAB to learn more about how to book your next free studio session. Follow ARTLAB on instagram at @ARTLABPLUS to keep up with upcoming programs and events. Follow TK The Rellik on Instagram at @t_k4lyfe for updates on performances and music releases! Follow TreMendous on Instagram at @tre._.mendous for more music! For more information about how to get involved with ARTLAB, visit ***ARTLAB and the Smithsonian Institution own no rights to the music featured in this video****


Archives of American Art
Silk screeners apply paint to wall for an exhibition at the Archives of American Art's Lawrence A. Fleischman Gallery.

AID2 question #4

National Museum of African Art

Bill Geist with curators Harry Rubenstein and Larry Bird on the campaign trail, 1996

National Museum of American History
CBS reporter Bill Geist follows Smithsonian curators Harry Rubenstein and Larry Bird on the presidential campaign trail during the New Hampshire Primary, 1996. To learn more about presidential campaigns, visit the online exhibition, "The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden" at

Academic Programs | Peter Marting | LONG

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Experiences from the Smithsonian Transcription Center - MicroPasts Conference - 31Mar15

Smithsonian Institution
An overview of some of the context, workflow, and successes of the Smithsonian Transcription Center. Join us at and help enrich and make Smithsonian Institution collections more accessible.

The Meaning Behind Indian Henna Designs

Smithsonian Channel
The henna tradition at Indian weddings is rooted in Indian folklore and is both decorative and symbolic. Many of the elaborate floral patterns signify new beginnings, as well as a sense of purity. From the Show: My Big Bollywood Wedding

Urban Waterways: Thinking about Environmental Stewardship

Smithsonian Education
In this session for educators, the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum presents a Citizen Scientist program, which has introduced Washington, DC area high school students to the Anacostia Watershed. This project-based educational immersion facilitates students through the concepts and components of a watershed, the effects of pollution on water quality and the impact water quality has on the health of the community and the various uses of the river. Presented by: Tony Thomas, Education Program Coordinator, Anacostia Community Museum Special Guests: Kenny Carroll, Educator Cristal Sandoval, Student Citizen Scientist Zinquarn Wright, Student Citizen Scientist Original Airdate: April 9, 2014 You can stay connected with the Smithsonian's upcoming online events and view a full collection of past sessions on a variety of topics.:
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