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Crotalaria decaryana R. Vig.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Beluga Whale Buoy

NMNH - Anthropology Dept.
FROM CONDITION REPORT AFTER REMOVAL FROM EXHIBIT HALL 9 (C. VALENTOUR 3/98): "REVERSED SEALSKIN HAS 3 IVORY PLUGS (2 AT EYES, 1 ON CHEST) & 1 WOODEN PLUG BETWEEN 2 EYES IN SITU. FEET, TAIL, MOUTH SEALED SHUT W/ BRAIDED SINEW. FRONT RIGHT FOOT EQUIPPED W/ IVORY TUBE & WOODEN STOPPER. HEAD CLOSURE HAS THICK BRAIDED LOOP FOR ATTACHING LINE. LENGTH OF RAWHIDE LINE IN SITU, KNOTTED TO LOOP. FLOAT FILLED W/ VERMICULITE." E72399 and E72400 described p. 114 in Brown, James Temple. 1883. The whale fishery and its appliances. Washington: Govt. print. off.: "Two Seal-skin Buoys. Skin of a small seal turned inside out. The apertures of head and feet are tied up or hermetically fastened by means of small bone studs, with the exception of one of the fore-legs, which is used for inflation, the hole being stopped by a wooden plug. A grommet, through which the buoy-line is rove, is seized to the neck. 24 by 15 inches. 72399. 26 by 16 inches. 72400. Alaska. C. L. McKay."

Photo negative number 83-10726 is an image of kayak # E160415 with sealskin float # E72399 on top of it.

Illustrated Fig. 27, pp. 60-61 in Fitzhugh, William W., Susan A. Kaplan, and Henry B. Collins. 1982. Inua: spirit world of the Bering Sea Eskimo. Washington, D.C.: Published for the National Museum of Natural History by the Smithsonian Institution Press.

Markea neurantha Hemsl.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Ziziphus guatemalensis Hemsl.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Miconia dodecandra Cogn.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Razisea spicata

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Clematis grossa Benth.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Neea amplifolia Donn. Sm.

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Schlegelia fastigiata Schery

NMNH - Botany Dept.

Attendees at Conference on Future of Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
Gathering in the Great Hall of fifty leaders of the scientific, political and industrial life of the country at a conference held at the Smithsonian Institution in February, 1927. In the front row, left to right: Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon; Secretary of State, Frank B. Kellogg; President Calvin Coolidge; Chief Justice William Howard Taft; and Acting Secretary of the Smithsonian, Charles Greeley Abbot. Second row: Senator Jesse Houghton Metcalf; Senator Reed Smoot; W. H. Jardine; H. Hoover; J. J. Davis; C. D. Wilbur. Third row: W. H. Welch, H. Work, W. W. Campbell; Henry Fairfield Osborn; John C. Merriam; Dwight Morrow; H. S. New. Fourth row: C. F. Brush; I. B. Laughlin; F. Walcott; C. Hamlin; Frederick A. Delano; Jesse Walter Fewkes; J. Tamblyn. Fifth Row: G. E. Vincent; H. M. Robinson; E. B. Parker, Charles F. Choate; E. W. Gifford; S. Flexner; J. G. Sargeant.

Sixth row: J. J. Raskob; J. L. Lewton; J. Poole; unidentified; Alexander Wetmore; H. M. Lord. Seventh row: unidentified; I. M. Casanowicz; Nicholas W. Dorsey; Senator Woodbridge N. Ferris. Eighth row: unidentified; E. Rickard; unidentified; Neil M. Judd; William P. True; Walter Hough; Aleš Hrdlička. Ninth row: William L. Corbin; Paul Bartsch; Leonhard Stejneger; J. Collins; Gerrit S. Miller, Jr.; George P. Merrill; Tenth row: Unidentified; Leonard C. Gunnell; Harry W. Dorsey; John Merton Aldrich; Ray S. Bassler; James W. Gidley; Charles Elmer Resser; unidentified; F. Roberts. Eleventh row: Loyal B. Aldrich; W. R. Maxon; William M. Mann; William F. Foshag; Herbert W. Krieger. Twelfth row: Arthur H. Clark; Clarence R. Shoemaker; J. N. B. (John Napolean Brinton) Hewitt. Standing: Wayland; Prescott; C. R. Denmark; S. F. Williams; John R. Ellingston; James S. Goldsmith; and George M. Johnson.

Elements of conchology : prepared for the use of schools and colleges / by W.S.W. Ruschenberger ; from the text of Milne Edwards and Achille Comte ; with plates

Smithsonian Libraries
At head of title: Ruschenberger's series.

"T.K. & P.G. Collins, printers"--Verso of title page.

Paragraphs numbered. Includes questions for study.

Glossary--Page [101]-114.

Also available online.


SCNHRB copy (39088000739904) has 6-page publisher's catalog bound-in at end.

SCNHRB copy in original printed brown paper boards, with series list on back cover, cloth-backed spine; housed in a blue buckram drop-back box.

Handbag, Apollo Command and Service Module

National Air and Space Museum
This ladies handbag in the shape of Project Apollo Command and Service Modules (CSM) was designed by Henry Fenster of the Canadian company Mastercraft Leather Goods. Inspired at least in part by the mod clothing movement, this streamlined fashion accessory reproduced the CSM’s profile and color. The foot-long ladies handbag features gleaming silver handles and a silver clasp. The actual Apollo CSMs featured a thermal coating of silver Mylar that helped protect the astronauts from the extreme heat and cold of space.

Fenster, who signed his work as Mr. Henry, used silver-colored leather with a “Morocco” grain to evoke the real spacecraft’s appearance. A Holocaust survivor from Poland, he and wife emigrated to Montreal, Canada, in 1952. With his brother, he cofounded Mastercraft Leather Goods. In December 1969, Fenster presented the purses to the wives of the Apollo 11 astronauts as special mementos.

Michael Collins donated the purse to the Museum's collection in 1972.

Blakea gracilis Hemsl.

NMNH - Botany Dept.
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