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The Green Porcelain

Bryce Hannon

Time travel

4 resources of Victorian era and 4 of modern era

Pablo Kohlmann Garcia

Time Machine

The collection about symbolism in the time period, I choose my symbolism to be fire. I choose fire because the way people fearing and using the fire changing overtime, we used fire as illumination 150 years ago, but right now we use the fire less in life.  The two main concentrate time period are 1895 and 2019.

Junlin He

Sparkle Sort

Nicki May

Maps of Hawai'i

Different maps of different times in Hawaii's history, to compare times. From the Library of Congress.

Mikela Lyden

Discrimination of Hair Types in Today's World

By: Tamia Morgan, Tamera Ancrum, Helen Tobi Awosika

Tamia Morgan

Evolution of hip hop

This presentation will show you how hip hop has changed over time and how these selected artist, producers, moguls have helped elevated the game we know as hip hop.

antonio dingle

Social Acceptance of Interracial People And It's Growth Within The History of the African Diaspora

The collection takes a look at the research question of how has the social acceptance of interracial people grown within recent historical years ever since it was made legal within the United States. I have included historical context along with some statistics and personal experiences from Interracial people. 

Marquise Burgess

Evolution of Nigerian Music

This journal discusses the time period of how Nigerian music has evolved due to cultural changes. Within the journal you will listen and be able to see how the music has evolved and how Nigerian musicians use different types of instruments to attract a variety of audiences. 

Destiny Enwerem

Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti the inventor/ innovator / creator of afrobeats. He gave Africans a voice during the corruption and desegregation of black people in both America and Africa. Fela went to jail at least 200 times in spite being a famous musician and died of AIDS and heart problems at the age of 58

Femi Adewumi

Comprehending the Spread of Nigerian dance

Research Journal Assignment HIST350.003
Michael Anthony

The Struggle Between Law Enforcement and African Americans

Ever since African Americans have step foot in America it has been a trial. They have been beaten psychically, abused verbally, and isolated socially. This journal touches on a matter that til this the day the conflict is still unsolved. This journal will view the struggles between Law Enforcement and the African American community. 

destiny gaskins


why sports is important to women ?

Ebaid Alharbi

The Struggle Between Mental Health and The African American Race

Throughout society African Americans have been ostracized from society and deprived of many opportunities. The reason that this is happening is because society or in other words "White America" have placed the stigma on the African American race that they are not mentally inclined for such things. This Journal views the struggles that African Americans endure of this alleged stigma.

Kelvin Gibbs Jr

African Drums; the Heartbeat of Our Culture

A collection depicting and describing different African Drums and their significance in African culture  as well as the African diaspora. Please enjoy a look at the heartbeat of our culture.

By Zuri Houston and Malik Miller 

Zuri Houston

Silk Road

Art and music along the Silk Road
Meghan Brawley

"The Tempest" - Launching the play (See/Mood/Thematic ideas thinking routine) #SAAMteach

1. Divide students into small groups (2 or 3 works for me)

2. Assign each student a painting - - send them the link, and they access it through their own computer so that they are able to zoom in if they would like a closer look at a particular feature.

3. Ask students to complete the following thinking routine:

a. See - - an objective list of what they "see"

b. Mood - - ideas as to what mood or emotions these particular qualities or items evoke.

c. Theme - - broad ideas as to a potential theme/larger idea expressed by the work.

3. After completing this thinking routine within their small groups, the students take turns projecting their painting on the smart board and sharing their discussion highlights with their classmates. We start to make a random list (like a "Wordle" forming) on the board of these "theme" ideas."

4. By the time we finish with the last painting/photograph/work of art - - we have a "Wordle" on the board that somewhat represents or hints at many of the thematic ideas expressed in "The Tempest."

5. I then complete a standard PowerPoint introduction to the play, but noting the similarities between many of their ideas expressed through their interpretations of the works of art, and Shakespeare's larger ideas as presented in "The Tempest."

Annette Spahr

Symbolism Project

Kevin Suffredini


Colby Poskitt


Jaden Poole


Jordan Weinberg
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