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Immerse Images for English Learners Library Global Citizen Project

Immerse Images for ESOL Library Global Citizen Project

Lisa Koch

Portraits of Children

Images support primary grade portraiture lessons.

Jean-Marie Galing

Famous Pharaohs

Jared, Oli, and Adrian

Jared Bees

Attention-grabbing headlines don't always tell truth!

Attention-grabbing headlines don't always tell truth!

Pictures are powerful, sometimes edited!

Twitter doesn't tell whole story.

In the era of "fake news" and information overload, we all need to become better readers of the words and pictures that are used to explain what is going on in the world around us. In this activity, students and teachers will consider:

How can the choice of image or words convey different messages about current events? How do journalists and editors shape the news through their choices?

This student activity asks students to look at several images of young people resisting a law or recent event. Their task is to write two different headlines for that image designed to appeal to different audiences. They will also be asked to research the context for the image and to consider how that might impact their headlines.

The goals of this lesson are to:

  • explore image and word choice as news drivers (factors that make items newsworthy or appealing to readers)
  • determine how journalists and editors shape the news through their choices
  • encourage news literacy and a critical reading of headlines and photojournalism in the future.
Kate Harris

Egyptian Afterlife


Shawna McNeil

Taking a Stand: African American Civil Rights Movement

This collection brings together photographs, objects, films, articles and more - pinpoint milestones in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Section topics include: Brown vs. Board; Freedom Rides; the Selma to Montgomery March; and additional figures and events in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Each section is introduced with a standalone text tile that summarizes the resources held within the section.

By no means is this collection comprehensive; instead, it provides a launching point for further research.

Carolyn Hilyard

Student Uploads

Student Uploads

Aubrey Morgan

Chuck Close Portraits

Jean-Marie Galing

3D-Printing and Scanning

A collection of 3D printing and scanning applications from the Smithsonian.
Brian Ausland

John Glenn: A comparison of portraiture and photography

This is to be used in conjunction with a lesson utilizing National Portrait Gallery resources and a memorial article highlighting John Glenn's accomplishments on NPR:
Mike VanWambeke


Julie Kuzy

Declaration of Independence Resources

A collection of resources related to Thomas Jefferson and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It can be edited or analyzed from a number of POVs.

Amy Kerr

Pittsburgh CAPA's 7th Grade Egyptology Museum 2016

Pittsburgh CAPA 7th graders have created their own digital Egyptology Museum that covers 11 themes. Every student group contributed to this final collection of artifacts related to Ancient Egypt.

Aubrey Morgan

French & Indian War

Andrew Erwin

Crazy Quilts

Images support learning in primary grade textile lessons.

Jean-Marie Galing


An exploration of primary sources related to modernism and Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms.

Lisa Koch

machine gun kelly

"Machine Gun" Kelly was a 1930s gangster.

Kaleigh Hoffmann

charles floyd

Marina Paulone

Bonnie and Clyde

Alaina Mazur

b and c

Marina Paulone

SS St Louis Affair

The St Louis Affair Project

Taylor K

Egyptian daily life

Lowell Shaw, Jackson Costa

Lowell Shaw

Bonnie and Clyde

Madison Siegle
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