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Student Podcasting: Exploring the "Nature of Science" through Podcast Development [TEACHER TEMPLATE-- MAKE A COPY]


EXAMPLE (3-4 sentences): Sixth grade students conducted research about our community's access to clean drinking water, electricity, and roads over the past fifty years. Students identified subject matter experts, refined interview questions, conducted interviews and produced the episode included here. This collection includes the completed podcast episode, alongside text and images documenting the students' research and production process.]

This Smithsonian Learning Lab collection includes examples of student-created podcast epsidoes, in response to prompts from the Sidedoor for Educators collections. After listening to Sidedoor podcasts to set context, gain background knowledge from Smithsonian experts, and initiate a local dialogue on the topic, students engaged in community-based scientific research to explore and collect evidence about how this topic and the content within the episode is defined locally.

To find additional student podcast collections, search the Smithsonian Learning Lab for #YAGSidedoor2019.

Ashley Naranjo

Student Poetry Presentation- Sylvia Plath

Students in an introduction to literature course used the Learning Lab as a platform to give presentations.


Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--"Native Environment"

Embraces the images of natives and the original environment of America. (This is a sample student collection at the start of term in a argumentative research writing course themed on immigration.)


Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--American Immigration

This is a student sample collection from the first week of a argumentative research writing course themed on immigration.


Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--Mythology

This collection is a sample of student work from a 100 level college course on world mythology. The student's final paper focused on the multiple narratives that exist surrounding Theseus and Ariadne , particularly their end.


Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--The Memorable Bike Accident

"These few photographs are mostly people drawn photos. They are all consisting around my memory of my bike accident. These photos resemble the scenery to where I was headed. Some of the pictures resemble the pain I was in, and the help people tried to offer me." --(Student Sample from a Developmental Course)


Jamie Gillan

Student Uploads

Student Uploads

Aubrey Morgan

Students' 4th Amendment Rights in Public Schools

This collection explores students' 4th Amendment rights in public schools by examining four landmark Supreme Court cases on the issue: New Jersey v. T.L.O. (1985), Safford Unified School District v. Redding (2009), Vernonia School District v. Acton (1995), and Board of Education v. Earls (2002). It asks students to think about the following overarching question: Has the Supreme Court maintained the right balance between school safety and students' privacy rights? The collection also includes differing perspectives on the issue as well as current events. 

Megan Griffin-Shelley

stuff I like

Megan Morton

Stupendous Stelfox - a collection of his Hymenoptera field books & their transcriptions

The hymenoptera field books of Arthur Wilson Stelfox and links to their transcriptions completed in the Smithsonian Transcription Center.

Siobhan Leachman

Style of Revolutionary War Leaders

They all had well tailored clothing. Even though they lacked functionality, they had impressive style.  I wish society still dressed like this. 

Devin Jackson

Subject: Ohio

Resources on and about Ohio.

Center for Archival Collections

Substance Abuse in Black Communities

This collection aims to provide examples of the effects that substance/ alcohol abuse has on those within the black community. This collection will be of images of art, music, television shows and poetry. I will explain the connection of these items I have chosen and explain why they connect to or impact the African American community and in turn is apart of our Diaspora

Layton Green, Holiday Heart, Meek Mill, J Cole, a poem called Famous

Mikalah Mack

Subway: Jigsaw Activity

Resources compiled for the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Summer Institutes: Teaching the Humanities through Art for a session developed by Peg Koetsch.

Phoebe Hillemann



Jasmine Caldwell

Suffrage Pin: Object Analysis

Using the Project Zero Visible Thinking routine "See Think Wonder," this activity explores the struggle of suffragists during the American suffrage movement through deep analysis of one object - a pin, worn by suffragist Alice Paul, in the shape of a jail door with a heart-shaped lock. Pins such as these were given in a ceremony to suffragists who were imprisoned as a result of the 1917 pickets. Includes the pin, an article discussing the history behind the pin, and multiple photographs suffragist picketers.

Keywords: women's rights, suffrage, suffragette, protest, reform, civil rights, equal rights, alice paul, jailed for freedom, pin, national women's party, nwp, voting, vote

Tess Porter

Sugar Cane Production in the 17th and 18th Century

This collection will look at the type and scale of sugar cane plantations, the tools used in harvesting and in processing the cane. Looking at the 17th and 18th Century we'll explore the process of sugar.

Nadia Peattie

Sugar Pine Point Heritage (grades 2-5)

Image analysis of these photos can reveal how community life in the Tahoe area has changed over time, and with it so has the environment. This exercise can help students to understand how our lives are different from those who lived here in the past, and how they are similar. Students will also be able to differentiate between things that happened long ago and things that happened recently. This can provoke thought and discussion about how events from the past still have an effect on the landscape today. Simply click the paperclip in each image to see the questions or prompts pertaining to the time period in which the photo was taken.

Lake Tahoe Interpretation


I love summer!
Caitlin Badowski

Summer Blockparty

This is  a collection about summertime fun, neighborhood comradery, backyard games, barbeque and block parties all to celebrate and connect with Smithsonian@8's Block Party!

Margaret O'Meara

Summer Institute 2 shoe lesson etc


Myra Warne

Summer picnic

Summer picnic invitations from furniture maker Herman Miller from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum collection
Smithsonian Institution

Summer Teacher Institute

Shirley Chisholm's 1972 presidential campaign poster and paraphernalia

This collection was created in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery's 2017 Learning to Look Summer Teacher Institute.





Timothy Wilson
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