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Cultural Series: Georgia (Country)

A collection of Smithsonian resources about the county of Georgia, in Europe. Features geography, ecology, folklife, music, and culture.

Tracie Spinale

Cultural Series: Bahrain

A general topical overview collection of Bahrain (and Arabian Gulf-related) objects in the Smithsonian collections. Stamps are featured, as well as the historic pearling industry; Endangered species are described, as well as articles about the ancient Dilmun culture and other archaeological finds.

Tracie Spinale

Cultural Dances

A collection of cultural dance resources for the Elementary Music and Dance teachers participating in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Arts Professional Development Day. Includes resources for current curriculum tie-ins for Down the Ohio square-dancing, Old Brass Wagon, Sashay the Donut circle waltz, Ve David circle dance, John Kanaka sea shanty music, and Zudio formation dance. Includes expanded resources for cultural dance for Bermuda Gombey from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, KanKouran West African Dance Company, contemporary African dance from Howard University, Taratibu step dance ensemble, history of urban artistry dance, various cultural dances and music inspired by ancient poetry from Oman and Tajikistan and Afghanistan, Punjabi bhangra, and Tibetan and Mexican day of the dead dances.

Tracie Spinale

The 1950s--A Decade Collection

This is a topical collection about American life and politics in the 1950s. Resources in this collection might be helpful to students and teachers working on projects about the decade. It is not meant to be completely comprehensive, but rather includes highlights of the Smithsonian's collection spanning art, popular culture, social trends, leadership, and technology.

Teachers and students might copy and adapt this collection to suit their needs; highlighting a specific aspect of life in the 1950s and adding annotations and additional resources.

Kate Harris

The 1960s--A Decade Collection

This is a topical collection about American life and politics in the 1960s. Resources in this collection might be helpful to students and teachers working on projects about the decade. It is not meant to be completely comprehensive, but rather includes highlights of the Smithsonian's collection spanning art, popular culture, social trends, leadership, and technology.

Teachers and students might copy and adapt this collection to suit their needs; highlighting a specific aspect of life in the 1960s and adding annotations and additional resources.

tags: Sixties, Kennedy, Camelot, civil rights, Vietnam, politics, decade

Kate Harris

The Virgin Mary

This is a topical collection of artworks related to the Virgin Mary, a religious figure honored by many faiths and particularly revered in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Compare the many ways that Mary is portrayed across the globe. How is she posed? Are others included in the image? What colors or symbols are prevalent?

This collection gives insight not only into the religious significance of Mary, but also into the spread and adaptation of Christianity as it is practiced in various parts of the world. In addition, viewers might consider how different artists add their unique perspective to a common and widely-known subject.

tags: religion, Christianity, Jesus, Maria, Mary, Virgen, Virgin, Madonna, Maria, Theotokos, comparison

Kate Harris

Best of Smithsonian Embroidery

A collection of my favorite embroidery samples and works from across the Smithsonian (and around the world). Don't forget to zoom in and out to catch all of the details!

tags: embroidery, craft, needlework

Kate Harris

Highlights Collection: Bird and Insect Habitat Videos

This is a Smithsonian Learning Lab topical collection, which may contain images, text, and other multimedia resources created to complement this Tween Tribune issue. Use these resources to introduce or augment your study of this topic. If you want to personalize this collection, visit the Learning Lab homepage ( and sign up for a free account. This will allow you to copy the collection and adapt it for your own purposes. Learn more here:

Michelle Smith


Images support learning in first grade "Dream House for My Family" lesson. For architecture puzzle activity, print selected images and cut them into pieces that focus on parts of the building. Allow table groups to work together to reassemble the house image and name the parts of the house.

Discuss images of model houses to introduce the lesson challenge: Create a 3-dimensional model of a dream house for your family.

Jean-Marie Galing

Museum Architecture

How does the design of a museum . . .

  • reflect the time in which it was built?
  • reflect its purpose?
  • reflect the values of society?
  • fit in (or not) with the surrounding community?

How does the interior design affect the way people experience the space?

Jean-Marie Galing

Crazy Quilts

Images support learning in primary grade textile lessons.

Tracy Dumais


Images support learning in primary grade paper sculpture lessons.

Tracy Dumais


Choose several images to compare/contrast in terms of location, season, and/or style. Discuss why artists may choose to depict a particular place.

Formal analysis for elementary students: identify foreground, middle ground and background; describe how size and placement of objects and use of overlapping contribute to the illusion of depth.

Formal analysis for secondary students: describe color harmonies; identify focal point; find examples of one-point, two point, and atmospheric perspective.

Tracy Dumais

The Irish Experience in Pittsburgh

Created for the AIU3 workshop on 3/17/17, this topical collection includes images from Historic Pittsburgh (, the Smithsonian Collection, the records of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the Detre Library and Archives, Heinz History Center, and additional web resources. This large group of documents is intended to be shaped and whittled into useful collections for individual classrooms. Teachers might consider linking the documents to themes like:


•Push and Pull factors

•Growth of social networks



•Contributions (Political, Cultural, Military, Philanthropy)

•Industry in Western PA

•Labor Movement

To make this collection your own, copy it and then use the edit feature to add and remove documents as well as contribute any annotations that might help your students.

Kate Harris

Ocean life pollution effects

collection of images based on sea life, art and effects of water pollution to use as reference in a lesson or unit on the effect of ocean and water pollution. This could lead into a lesson based on creation of recycled materials as well as a science integrated lesson about how to clean up local water sources and make an positive impact on the environment.

kristen fessler

Negro League Baseball

This is a topical collection of resources related to the Negro Leagues. Students and teachers can use this collection to supplement United States history lessons from after the Civil War through the mid 20th century. Sports often echoes social and cultural changes that take place in the nation and reflect the norms of the times.

tags: baseball, civil rights, African-Americans, Homestead Grays, Satchel Paige, Hank Aaron, Buck Leonard, Josh Gibson, Cuban Giants

Kate Harris

The Pittsburgh Survey

This topical collection contains resources related to the Pittsburgh Survey, a groundbreaking Progressive Era research study of the living and working conditions in turn-of-the-century Pittsburgh. This study, published in books and magazines, led to the passage of worker-safety laws and encouraged other Progressive Era reforms. The images, readings, and links to archival materials in this collection can be used to support exploration of the questions below.

Guiding Questions:

  • In what way did the Pittsburgh Survey reflect Progressive Era concerns, strategies, and achievements?
  • How did Progressive Era beliefs about social change differ from those held previously?

Tags: Progressives, child labor, worker safety, scientific management, muckrakers, reform movement, Lewis Hine, Paul Kellogg, Crystal Eastman. Joseph Stella, Homestead, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Kate Harris

Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies - Week 4 Images

This collection supports the Week 2 lecture for the Harvard Extension School course MUSE E-200 Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies. This fourth lecture is titled Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration Across an Institution. The lecture features guest speaker, Liz Kirby.

The course can be found on the Harvard Extension School's Canvas site at


Alison Leithner

All You Need is Love

The best of love-themed graphic design in the Smithsonian Institution's collections.

Kate Harris

Puerto Rico - Vejigantes

This collection provides a brief introduction to the Vejigante tradition practiced during the month of February in Puerto Rico, in observance/celebration of Carnival.

Maureen Leary

The use of objects in teaching language, communications and information exchange.

A collection of education and teaching images that help us assess the value and utility of using real objects when presenting classes that involve language, communication and information exchange skills. #Teachinginquiry

Donald Guadagni

The Concept of God in Hinduism

This topical collection is meant to serve as a starting point to explore the concept of god in Hinduism. Students can review the images in the collection for clues to help them answer questions like:

-How are gods portrayed in relation to other gods, people, or animals?

-Do there seem to be one god or many gods? Do they seem to be male or female?

-What common symbols or poses are present? What do you think they mean?

-What kinds of powers do the god figures seem to have? In what ways are they like human beings and in what ways are they different?

The final resource in this collection is a video that gives insight into the Hindu concept of god. After exploring this collection, encourage students to choose one aspect of Hinduism that they would like to research further.

tags: India, religion, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, trimurti, Ganesh, avatar

Kate Harris


This is a topical collection of resources related to Jainism. It includes sculptures, manuscripts, and paintings from the Smithsonian Institution's collection as well as links to outside web resources for further background information. Some questions to guide thinking are embedded throughout.

As they explore the collection, users might consider how Jain art and architecture reflect the main beliefs of the religion.

tags: ancient, India, religion, Jain, tirthankara, Mahavira, faith, Digambara, Svetambara

Kate Harris

Taking a Stand: African American Civil Rights Movement

This collection brings together photographs, objects, films, articles and more - pinpoint milestones in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Section topics include: Brown vs. Board; Freedom Rides; the Selma to Montgomery March; and additional figures and events in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Each section is introduced with a standalone text tile that summarizes the resources held within the section.

By no means is this collection comprehensive; instead, it provides a launching point for further research.

Carolyn Hilyard
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