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Women in the Supreme Court

Portraits and interviews

Women in the Great War

This collection brings together objects and resources from the National Museum of American History that consider some of the critical ways that women supported and participated in World War I. Using these artifacts and resources, engage students in a thoughtful discussion to analyze the guiding question: How did women shape the outcomes of World War I?

Additional information and resources can be found in the museum's online exhibitions The Price of Freedom: Americans at War, Advertising War: Women and the War, Modern Medicine: Women in the War, and Uniformed Women in the Great War.


National Museum of American History

Women in the Fight for Women's Rights- Nathan, Braden, and Dana

How did women fight for women's rights?

Nathan Delsanto

Women in the Civil War

The Civil War was a war in the United States from April 12, 1861 until May 13, 1865. It was between North and South over issues on slavery. Women played significant roles throughout the war as nurses, as spies, as clothes washers and menders, and as encouragers to the soldiers. Many women from the North and South disguised themselves as men and fought. Other women took on roles at home to run their households as their husbands were off at war. Often times women are overlooked when analyzing the Civil War, however without woman's help the soldiers would not have been able to make it through the war. 


Kaylyn Beverly

Women in Sports: Cindy Whitehead’s GN4LW Skateboard Conversation Kit Resources

A skateboarding pioneer, Cindy Whitehead turned pro at seventeen, skating both pool and half-pipe and becoming one of the top-ranked vert skaters while competing against the boys—something girls were not doing in the mid-1970s. But Whitehead had no choice but to wear boys’ shorts when competing; there were no skate products for girls in the 1970s.

She changed that in 2013 with her girl-empowered brand Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word (GN4LW). Whitehead is especially supportive of young female skaters through the GN4LW skate team and products which are geared towards women and girls.  

Whitehead’s signature phrase printed in gold on many of the GN4LW products personifies her independent spirit, "Live life balls to the wall. Do epic sh*t. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you’re dead." 

This Learning Lab collection contains artifacts and resources that support the Conversation Kit on Cindy Whitehead's GN4LW Skateboard as part of the Smithsonian's American Women's History Initiative. #BecauseOfHerStory

Because Of Her Story

Women in Sports

In what ways did women impact sports over time?

Madilyn Rimbey

Women in Sports

When and how did women make strides in sports?

Susan Betten

Women in Science

How have the advancements made by women changed science?

Ambika Rajasekaran

Women in Science

Essential Question: How have women impacted the growth and development of the science field by both their roles on earth and in space?

By: Kate Hermiller, Jack Pockl, and Vanessa Rodgers

Kate Hermiller

Women in Science

Which women and how did women contribute to the scientific community in the early 20th century?

Dale Fleck

Women in Science

Various images and videos of women in science.
Annette Hibbert Nelson

Women in Politics

How have women impacted American politics throughout history?

Elizabeth Zwikl

Women in Politics

How did women organize, publicize, and fight for the right to vote in America?

Nathan Galiyas

Women In Music

How did women defy standards and expectations and use being a woman to make a name for themselves and gain respect in the music industry?

Abbey Fisher

Women in Medicine

How did women's innovation on medicine impact the healthcare of American citizens?

Jordan Bartlett

Women in Medicine

How did women show that they could contribute to the medical field?
Alexandra Leise

Women in Media

How have women been portrayed differently in the media?

Johanna Tirone

Women in Journalism

How did women of the early 20th century influence journalism?
Tyler Hayes

Women in Hip-Hop: Kickstarter Edition

A curated collection of Women in Hip-Hop for #HipHopHistory Kickstarter Backers

Smithsonian Advancement

Women in Food

How did women in culinary arts make a difference?

Alexandra Webb

Women In Engineering

How did women impact the field of engineering?

Ryley Snyder

Women in Education

How did women use resources and use their voices to adcance in education?

Livia Bookwood

Women in Business

What is the difference with women in business's in the 1890's compared to the 1920's?

Marissa Deltondo
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