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Living Earth Festival Symposium: Chocolate Chat 4 - Freddie Bitsoie

National Museum of the American Indian
As a part of the museum's 8th Living Earth Festival, three Native American chefs, Chefs Freddie Bitsoie (Diné [Navajo]), Neftali Duran (Mixteco), and Julio Saqui (Mopan Maya), explore the rich history of cacao and chocolate. In this segment, Freddie Bitsoie talks about his experiences and knowledge of chocolate. Freddie Bitsoie (Diné [Navajo]), executive chef of the National Museum of the American Indian’s Mitsitam Café, came to the Mitsitam with 10 years of experience fusing his classical culinary training with knowledge of Native American foods and ingredients. At the museum, he has demonstrated making such dishes as Mexican hot chocolate, dark molé, and chocolate chili with bison. Bitsoie was the winner of the NMAI’s Living Earth Festival Native Chef Cooking Competition in 2013, and was named “a rising star in the constellation of young chefs” by Native Peoples magazine in 2011. He was featured on an episode of PBS’s Lidia Celebrates America and is working on his own show, Rezervations Not Required, which will highlight indigenous cuisines of the world. In addition to his culinary training, Bitsoie has a background in cultural anthropology and art history. The symposium was webcast and recorded in the Rasmuson Theater of the National Museum of the American Indian on July 14, 2017.

Black-Footed Ferrets Get a Second Chance at Life

Smithsonian Channel
These baby black-footed ferrets are nothing short of a miracle. After their population dipped to only 18 individuals, veterinarians embarked on an uphill battle to save the species from extinction. From: NATURE'S MATCHMAKER

The Gruesome Reality of Civil War Medicine

Smithsonian Channel
During the Civil War, battlefield injuries often meant infection, amputation, and surgeries performed by inexperienced doctors. From: CIVIL WAR 360: The Union

Aaron Koblin and Vincent Morisset - Just A Reflektor Clip

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
#emergent, #interaction, #music This video is featured in the exhibition Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, on view at the museum February - August 2016. Explore the Beauty exhibition online at About: Filmed in Haiti, Just a Reflektor (2013) is a short film for Arcade Fire’s song “Reflektor.” In the film, a young girl meets magical guardians who take her to “the other side.” The costume design enabled precise motion tracking. Installed in Cooper Hewitt's galleries and on the web, the video also has an interactive component: users can gesture with their smartphones or enable their home webcams to discover different layers and change the look and feel of the video. Try the interactive video online here: This film was written, directed, and produced by Morisset, with creative direction from Koblin and Morisset. Watch hundreds of videos on design and process on the Cooper Hewitt website:

Installing Hong Kong Collection Box

National Postal Museum
Smithsonian's National Postal Museum staff install a mailbox from Hong Kong into the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery. Summer 2013.

9/11: The Heartland Tapes: Sneak Peek

Smithsonian Channel
It happened on the East Coast, but across America, it was very much a local story. News and radio broadcasters gave minute-by-minute reports that we all followed. This is their story. From: 9/11: THE HEARTLAND TAPES

World's Biggest Beasts (Full Episode)

Smithsonian Channel
Before humans existed, our world was ruled by a land of giants, with fish that could swallow you whole and land predators as tall as the White House. Join us as we reveal the top 10 biggest beasts to walk the Earth, swim the seas, and soar the skies. From the Show: World's Biggest Beasts Watch more of Smithsonian Channel's full episodes on

Choctaw Festival Day 2 - Social Dances 1

National Museum of the American Indian
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma celebrates its tribal history and heritage with two days of dance, song, storytelling, and artist demonstrations. In this segment, Choctaw dancers perform several social dances, including the Jump Dance, the 4-step War Dance, the Stealing Partners Dance, and the Snake Dance. Members of the audience join in on the Stealing Partners Dance and the Snake Dance. Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr. introduces each dance and Joe Brad performs the role of chanter. This the first of two performances of Choctaw dances for the second day of the festival. This program was webcast and recorded in the Potomac Atrium of the National Museum of the American Indian on June 25, 2014.

What is Truth?

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Amy and her team going through a dry-run-through

How Spawning Squid Offer a Buffet for Predators

Smithsonian Channel
During spawning season, calamari squid become vulnerable in the shallow waters. But they do have one weapon that helps improve their odds - lightning fast jet propulsion. From the Series: Speed Kills: Ocean

House Proud - Revealing Interiors

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
As documents of domestic life, the watercolors featured in House Proud celebrate nineteenth-century interiors and the designers that conceived of them. Cooper-Hewitt invites contemporary designers Hermes Mallea, Carey Maloney, Mitchell Owen, and Thomas Jayne to join exhibition curator Gail Davidson for a roundtable discussion on residential interior design, historic restorations, design promotion, and the role of the interior space as a source of pride, convenience, personal status, and presentation then and now. Participants Hermes Mallea, M (Group) Carey Maloney, M (Group) Mitchell Owen, Consolidated Design Studios and Parsons, The New School for Design Thomas Jayne, Thomas Jayne Studio Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Designing Media: Airside

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
One of 31 video segments featured in 'Designing Media', the new book, DVD and website by Bill Moggridge. More info on 'Designing Medi'a available at Airside, a London-based creative design agency, demonstrates a fluent approach to using multiple media platforms. Fred Deakin is both a musician and a designer. He brings a rich combination of media to the support of his band Lemon Jelly. Nat Hunter thrives on developing algorithms and communication design; he relaxes by knitting "Stitches." Alex Maclean combines a flair for animation with a whimsical wit. More info on Designing Media available at

This Is How Much Work Goes into Your Shrimp Cocktail

Smithsonian Channel
Prawns hold the key to Greenland's economy - which makes this giant shrimp trawler's risky excursions so crucial. From: MIGHTY SHIPS: Akamalik

Tigers Use Urine to Figure Out If They Have Chemistry

Smithsonian Channel
Young tiger Kumal is spellbound by a female tiger he encounters in a local stretch of forest. If she's interested, she'll signal her intent by way of the chemicals she releases in her urine. From the Show: Tiger On the Run

The Tiny Telescope Flaw That Threatened NASA's Reputation

Smithsonian Channel
In April 1990, Space Shuttle Discovery ferried the Hubble Telescope into space, but Hubble's blurry images led to the discovery of a technical flaw, which had to be repaired in orbit. From: SPACE VOYAGES: Open For Business

Which National Park Draws 25 Million Visitors a Year?

Smithsonian Channel
The National Mall attracts an unbelievable amount of visitors each year. Here's what they come to see. From: AERIAL AMERICA: Washington, DC

2011 Business of Design: James Ludwig - Design and synthesis

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Have You Ever Met an Air Racer?

Smithsonian Channel
Pete Zaccagnino has made a career of out taking risks so that other pilots don’t need to. He is the guy who will find out if the plane can be flown into icing, if you can spin it and survive. From: DANGEROUS FLIGHTS

Chilean Festival: Los Sayas

National Museum of the American Indian
KARUKINKA - Chilean Patagonia, Artists of the Land Where the Trees Talk is a cultural festival celebrated at the National Museum of the American Indian. In this video, we feature Los Sayas, a musical group that projects the current and ancestral identity of the Chilean people. This performance was webcast from the Potomac Atrium of the National Museum of the American Indian on October 4, 2014.

How the Black Decree Led to This Mexican Emperor's Doom

Smithsonian Channel
The French-backed Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian of Mexico was losing the raging civil war. In 1865, this prompted him to issue a savage decree: all armed opponents of his rule were to be executed without trial. From the show The Last Emperor of Mexico:

Braving Shark-Infested Waters for a Look at This Big Fish

Smithsonian Channel
Fisherman Andy Coetzee is in the middle of a dangerous dive, in the shark-filled waters of the Indian Ocean. He's on the lookout for a fierce and elusive giant predator: the dogtooth. From the Series: Fishing for Giants: The Dogtooth

Sacred Sites: Egypt (Full Episode)

Smithsonian Channel
Of all the ancient civilizations, Egypt has left the greatest legacy. But is there a hidden secret about their belief in the afterlife lurking within the recordings known as the Book of the Dead? One unique artifact may hold the answers. From the Series: Sacred Sites: Egypt Watch more of Smithsonian Channel's full episodes on

Bilingual Storytelling with René Colato Laínez (El Salvador)

National Museum of the American Indian
Bilingual author René Colato Laínez arrived in the U.S. from El Salvador with few possessions, but many dreams for his future. During this program he will talk about his successful journey from his childhood as an immigrant lost in a strange new world, to his life as a teacher and a published author. His presentation is full of music, dreams, and roots, in English and Spanish—and is of course full of stories. Learn his three rules to success: never give up, study hard, and believe in yourself. Colato Laínez is the Salvadoran award-winning author of I Am René, the Boy; Waiting for Papá; and many other books that feature Latin American children learning about cultural identity. His picture books have been finalists for the Tejas Star Book Award, given special recognition by the Paterson Prize, and earned the International Latino Book Award. He was named as one of the "Top Ten New Latino Authors to Watch (and Read)" by

The Highlight of This Massive Cruise Ship is a Lavish Viking Feast

Smithsonian Channel
The cruise ship Norrona is celebrating an ancient Faroese ceremony with a grand, Viking-themed banquet for 400 passengers. The centerpiece of this banquet is a famous Viking dish: sheep's head. From the Series: Mighty Ships: Norrona
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