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Inter/sected - LGBTQ + Asian Pacific Americans

<p><em>Inter/sected</em>, was a photo exhibit on display at the City of Austin's Asian American Resource Center July 5 to September 22, 2019, that celebrated the intersected identities of Queer Asian Pacific Americans. The AARC worked with local Austin photographer Ben Aqua. Ben has titled their photo series “Slaysians,” portraits of LGBTQ+ Asians/Pacific Islanders on their Instagram account at <a href="" target="_blank">@b3naqua</a>. Ben's pronouns are they/them/theirs.</p> <p>Teachers and students may use this collection to discuss intersectionality, Asian American identities, gender spectrum/non binary, culture and resistance to assimilation, and expressions through art.  Articles, photographs, and supplemental film, podcast and archive resources are included for further analysis on queer Asian American experiences in the US.</p> <p><em>This Smithsonian Learning Lab collection received Federal support from the Asian Pacific American Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. </em></p> <p>Keywords: asian americans, queer, LGBTQ, intersectionality, gender, queer</p> <p> #EthnicStudies</p>
Asian American Resource Center Austin, TX

Waves of Hope: Asian American History in Austin

<p>In this collection, students will learn about Asian American history in Austin. Austin is home to many Asian Americans along with their rich history, culture, and traditions that are preserved and passed on to future generations by their families and communities. This exhibit showcases some of the history that is lesser known but nevertheless important to document and remember. All of the images can be found at the Austin History Center, which houses an Asian American Archival Collection of manuscript collections, photographs, clippings, books, periodicals and other items.</p> <p>This exhibit was developed by the City of Austin's Asian American Resource Center and the Austin History Center.</p> <p>Educators and students may use this online exhibit to supplement Texas History lessons and as a supplement to the full exhibit stored at the City of Austin's Asian American Resource Center (AARC). Currently, Waves of Hope is not on display at the AARC. Please contact the site at 512-974-1700 or with any questions.</p> <p>keywords: texas history, asian american,  Texas asians, austin, austin history, austin history center, immigration</p> <p><br /></p> <p>#APA2018 #EthnicStudies</p> <p>#TCSAARC  </p>
Asian American Resource Center Austin, TX

Pioneers from the East: The Sing Family

<p><em></em>This collection is comprised of archival content from the <a href="" target="_blank">Austin History Center</a> and KLRU's <em><a href=""></a><a href="" target="_blank">Austin Revealed: Pioneers from the East</a></em> project. This collection features the Sing family, one of three of the first Chinese families in Austin. It explores topics of citizenship, migration, immigration, naturalization, interracial marriage, preserving history, and Asian American history.</p><p>#TCSAARC <br /></p><p>#EthnicStudies</p>
Asian American Resource Center Austin, TX