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Anna Rabin

History Teacher
International School of Dakar
Middle School (13 to 15 years old)
Social Studies, World History :
History Teacher

I teach ancient and medieval history to 6th and 7th graders at the International School of Dakar.  I have a B.A. in history and women's studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a M.Ed. from George Mason University.  

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Anna Rabin

Continuity and Change in Los Angeles

<p>This collection uses the work of the Chilean photographer Camilo Jose Vergara to explore the historical thinking concept of continuity and change.  How has 10828 S. Avalon changed?  How has it remained the same?  Does change always mean progress?<br /></p><p><em>#historicalthinking</em></p><p><br /></p>
Anna Rabin