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The Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) is operated by the Smithsonian Institution to improve the teaching and learning of science for students in the United States and throughout the world. The SSEC disseminates information about exemplary teaching resources, develops curriculum materials, supports the professional growth of science teachers and school leaders, and conducts outreach programs of leadership development and technical assistance to help school districts implement inquiry-centered science programs. Its mission is to transform the teaching and learning of science in a world of unprecedented scientific and technological change.

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Mosquito! Podcasting Module

<p>In this modular, multi-part lesson, learners will focus on a <em><a href="/resources/view/3585044" target="_blank">Sidedoor</a> </em>podcast discussing mosquitoes. Learners will focus on the content the podcast is delivering and then analyze the podcast for production techniques. The content of the podcast will give the team a base understanding for the focus of their own podcast.</p> <p>#YAGSidedoor2019<br /></p>
Smithsonian Science Education Center

Good Thinking! The Science of Teaching Science - Video Series

<p>This original web series is designed to support K-12 science educators through targeted short-format videos that explore common student ideas and misconceptions about a range of science topics such as energy, chemical reactions, and natural selection, as well as pedagogical subjects like student motivation and the myth of left and right-brained people.</p>
Smithsonian Science Education Center

Quick Tips for Teachers

"Quick Tips: Resources for Teachers” is a series of short videos providing down-to-earth advice and instructional tips to teachers of STC™, our signature science curriculum. Each “Quick Tip” offers practical suggestions by experienced teachers for handling materials or managing classrooms in science investigations.
Smithsonian Science Education Center