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Brooke Shoemaker

Museum Educator, PreK & Kindergarten Specialist
Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center
Preschool (0 to 4 years old)
Language Arts And English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Other : Drama
Smithsonian Staff

Brooke is a former SEEC toddler and preschool teacher who stepped into her role in the CIEL department in January 2016. In her current role, Brooke supports the preschool and kindergarten teachers with their development of lessons that develop fundamental skills, make strong connections between content and the museum collections, and nurture their students’ interests and inquiries. She also creates and implements family workshops that provide developmentally appropriate and engaging museum experiences for young children and their caregivers. In addition Brooke helps to facilitate classroom teacher and museum professional trainings. Brooke holds a BA in Theatre Performance from the University of Maryland with a minor in Human Development, and a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education form Towson University. In the past, Brooke has taught drama and art to students aged two through eighteen in Washington D.C., Maryland and Connecticut.

Brooke Shoemaker's collections



<p>The ocean covers the majority of the Earth and contains so many diverse creatures. Check out some of the objects in the Smithsonian collection related to the ocean. </p>
Brooke Shoemaker

The Science of Wind and Sound through Artwork

<p>Artwork, museums, and the community are powerful resources to bring concepts to life with young children. This collection provides examples of how to utilize museums and the community to explore STEM concepts, specifically the science of wind and sound through artwork. </p> <p>This collection was created to support the 2018 CCSSO Teacher of the Year Day at the Smithsonian.  </p> <p><strong>#NTOY18</strong></p> <p></p>
Brooke Shoemaker


<p>This collection is comprised of artwork and objects that reflect a variety of bodies and the amazing things bodies can do. </p>
Brooke Shoemaker


<p>Explore the vast resources on dinosaurs that the Smithsonian has to offer. </p>
Brooke Shoemaker


SI resources for insects.
Brooke Shoemaker


What is electricity? What are the mechanics behind it? How do we use it? What is its history. This collection helps to answer these questions and may spark more curiosity about electricity.
Brooke Shoemaker