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Art and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

<p></p> <p>This lesson will help students understand applications of electromagnetic radiation in art conservation. In particular, students will learn art conservators use ultraviolet, infrared, visible light, and x-radiation to examine artwork. Properties of each form of radiation and its uses in art conservation will be introduced. Students will then solve problems. </p><p>You will find guiding questions included in the additional info section of each artwork.<br /></p>
Shantelle Jones-Williams

A House Divided: Reconstruction

<p>Political leaders and parties in the tense time after the Civil War proposed various plans for Reconstruction. By observing artwork of this period, students will learn how these plans affected the South (and North) and relationships between people of different races and geographic regions.<br /><br />You will find guiding questions included in the additional text section of each artwork.</p>
Shantelle Jones-Williams

Harlem Heroes

<p></p> <p>These selections offer a glimpse of the cultural richness and breadth of the Harlem Renaissance, and the contributions each figure made in shaping issues of identity and articulating black culture. </p> <p></p>
Shantelle Jones-Williams