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Julie Harding

Teacher of English
Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, NJ
High School (16 to 18 years old)
Language Arts And English :
Teacher of English

Julie Harding's collections


Artwork and The Great Gatsby

<p>The pieces in this collection connect in some what to the characters, plot, setting, or themes from <em>The Great Gatsby. </em></p>
Julie Harding

Imagist Poems

<p>Students will survey the pieces in this collection and make connections between the pieces and the attached poems. </p> <p>With a small group, they will read and explain their assigned poem.  Then, they will select a work of art that they think BEST represents the poem from the five suggestions.  In their presentation, they will explain the poem to the class, and they will explain their choice of artwork, specifically explaining what criteria they used to make their selection.  Students complete the activity by selecting the best poetry/art pairing and explaining their reasoning with evidence from both pieces. </p>
Julie Harding

Writing Flash Fiction from Art, Part 1

<p>In this Collection, students will choose art to help generate a piece of original flash fiction. </p> <p>Flash fiction - which is limited to 750-1500 words - is uniquely useful to developing writers because it allows them to practice their writing skills over a number of shorter pieces.  The artwork is of great purpose to creating Flash Fiction because it can provide a writer with three of the five essential elements - Setting, Situation, Sensory Detail - as identified by  Katey Schultz of the Interlochen College of the Creative Arts.   Another useful resource is found here.</p> <div class="video-container"></div> <p>This assignment is the first of a series of assignments in which students develop Flash Fiction from art pieces, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills over time, then revise and edit and submit a final piece.</p>
Julie Harding