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The Bias Inside Us

The Bias Inside Us is a community engagement project featuring a Smithsonian traveling exhibition, the centerpiece for local programs and activities that raise awareness about the science and history of bias and what people can do about it. The project is grounded in research and teaches us that bias is inside everyone. It is part of being human.

The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service will travel The Bias Inside Us to 40 communities across the country from 2021 through 2024. Organized into year-long regional tours, the project will tour the Upper Midwest in 2021-2022 before moving to the Southeast in late 2022, the Southwest in late 2023, and the Northeast in late 2024.

The Bias Inside Us begins its Midwest tour in January 2021.

The Bias Inside Us's collections


Resources Created by Host Sites

<p>As <em>The Bias Inside Us</em> travels the country, we are asking host sites to share materials they created during their four weeks of hosting the exhibition.  Our goal is to create a network of support for host sites as they welcome this community engagement project, building on the good work of earlier locations.</p>
The Bias Inside Us

Additional Resources

<p>This collection is a catch-all of resources that don't fit into other collections, but may be helpful in your work.</p>
The Bias Inside Us

Learning Resources from our National Partners

<p><em>The Bias Inside Us</em> has built relationships with a number of national and regional organizations whose focus centers on anti-bias education.  These resources are a sample of the breadth of their work.</p>
The Bias Inside Us

Resources from the Smithsonian

<p>While <em>The Bias Inside Us</em> is part of the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES), we have partnered with several other branches of the Smithsonian to gather additional resources to supplement this work.  This collection is unable to capture the full extent of resources coming out of various museums and cultural learning centers; be sure to explore collections made by each of the organizations included here for a more complete view of their work.</p>
The Bias Inside Us

Exhibition Resources

<p>Did something from <em>The Bias Inside Us</em> exhibition stick with you that you would like to learn more about?  In this collection we have gathered resources that appeared directly in the exhibition.  </p>
The Bias Inside Us

Start Here - Learning About Implicit Bias

<p>These three webinars, created by Dr. Corey Yeager for <em>The Bias Inside U</em><em>s</em>, provide foundational learning for educators as they prepare for sharing this exhibition with their students.</p>
The Bias Inside Us