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3rd Grade- Culture

<p>Themes: culture, ethnicity, holidays, celebrations, animal vessels, still life (especially table settings)</p><p>Ancient Cultures: Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Mali</p>
Renee Voce

The Classical Origin of Iconic American Symbols

<p>In this student activity, analyze how and why iconic symbols of America, such as the Capitol Building and the United States Seal, were inspired by Greek and Roman art and architecture.  </p> <p>Explores the big ideas:</p> <p></p> <ul><li>How were symbols of America influenced by those of Ancient Greece and Rome? </li><li>What might this desire to associate America with historic, successful democracies say about early American hopes for their new nation?</li></ul><p></p> <p>Includes: architecture, a seal, portraiture, a video, a primary source letter, discussion questions, and an opportunity to learn more through the full digitized text of "The Ruins of Palmyra," a publication that heavily inspired early American neoclassical architecture.</p> <p>Keywords: greece, symbolism, classic, classical</p>
Renee Voce

Simple Machines

Wheel and axle, inclined Plane, screw, lever, pulley, wedge. <br /> <br /> Assignment:<br /> <br /> Can you identify which simple machine(s) each picture shows? <br /> <br /> Can you think of other examples in that category?<br /> <br /> Which simple machine is most important? Why? Defend your answer with 2-3 reasons.
Renee Voce