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Jean-Marie Galing

Art Resource Teacher
Fairfax County Public Schools
Primary (5 to 8 years old), Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)
Teacher/Educator, Curriculum Developer
Visual Arts, Arts :

Jean-Marie Galing's collections


Alma Thomas: Collection of Colors

<p>Images support discussion of art portfolios and collections with elementary students. </p> <p>See - Think - Wonder</p> <p>1.  What do you see?</p> <p>2. What does it make you think of?</p> <p>3. What do you wonder about them, or what would you like to know more about these artworks?</p> <p>Further discussion questions:</p><ul><li>What do these artworks have in common?</li><li>Do you think they were created by the same artist?</li><li>Why might an artist develop a collection or portfolio of their work?</li><li>If you collect or make things, how would you like to share it with others?</li></ul>
Jean-Marie Galing

Celebrate Good Times

<p>Images support second grade collage lesson. Choose an image that connects to a poem read to students (from <em>Celebrate American in Poetry in Art,</em> edited by Nora Panzer). Use questioning to describe and analyze the artwork: </p><ul><li>"What do you see?" </li><li>"What is happening here? </li><li><span></span>"What clues make you think that?"</li><li> "What else is happening in this image?" </li></ul><p>Ask students to take a minute to think of a personal experience that this image reminds them of, then turn to a partner and share. This prepares them for the next step, which is to visualize a favorite community celebration and sketch in preparation for making a collage.</p>
Jean-Marie Galing