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Jean-Marie Galing

Art Resource Teacher
Fairfax County Public Schools
Primary (5 to 8 years old), Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)
Teacher/Educator, Curriculum Developer
Visual Arts, Arts :

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Transformed Environments

<p>Some of these environments have been transformed by natural occurances. Some have been transformed by human activity.  </p> <p>Which transformations are positive ones? Which have negative outcomes? How can humans make choices to limit negative outcomes on the environment?</p>
Jean-Marie Galing

Visual Tension

<p>Tension in art is represented by a balance between opposing formal elements. (Line, shape, color, value, form, texture, or space.) It can cause anxiety or excitement in the viewer. </p><p>Look at some nonrepresenttional paintings. How did the artists use the elements to create visual tension?</p><p>How could a painting represent the tension someone has experienced?</p>
Jean-Marie Galing

William H. Johnson

Jean-Marie Galing