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Jean-Marie Galing

Art Resource Teacher
Fairfax County Public Schools
Primary (5 to 8 years old), Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)
Teacher/Educator, Curriculum Developer
Visual Arts, Arts :

Jean-Marie Galing's collections


Reimagining the Statue of Liberty

<p>This collection asks students to explore the importance of national symbols to our cultural, political, and collective identity. By examining the Statue of Liberty, and its many reinterpretations, students will consider difficult questions facing us today: Who is included? Who decides? Why and how do people use national symbols as a way to protest? How have our notions and ideals of liberty changed over time? [Collection adapted from <em>Toward a More Inclusive America</em> collection by Philippa Rappoport.]</p> <p>Included here are </p> <ul><li>images of the artifacts and supporting objects</li><li>suggested Thinking Routines - "See, Think, Wonder," "Think, Feel, Care," and "The 3 Ys" - from Harvard's Project Zero Artful and Global Thinking materials</li><li>supporting interpretive video</li><li>a discussion/writing prompt</li></ul> <p>For use in Social Studies, Spanish, English, Art, and American History classes<br></p> <p>#EthnicStudies #LatinoHAC </p> <p></p>
Jean-Marie Galing

Summer Fun

<p>What do you like to do in summer? Look at some pictures for ideas. Think:</p><ul><li>What does that feel like?</li><li>Can you taste it?</li><li>What would you hear there?</li><li>What weather do you see?</li></ul> <p>Art prompt: Draw or paint a picture of yourself and a friend or family member having fun doing a summer activity.</p>
Jean-Marie Galing

Alma Thomas: Collection of Colors

<p>Images support discussion of art portfolios and collections with elementary students. </p> <p>See - Think - Wonder</p> <p>1.  What do you see?</p> <p>2. What does it make you think of?</p> <p>3. What do you wonder about them, or what would you like to know more about these artworks?</p> <p>Further discussion questions:</p> <ul><li>What do these artworks have in common?</li><li>Do you think they were created by the same artist?</li><li>Why might an artist develop a collection or portfolio of their work?</li><li>If you collect or make things, how would you like to share it with others?</li></ul>
Jean-Marie Galing

Sculptures by Sol LeWitt

<p>What geometric shapes/forms do you see?</p> <p></p> <p>How does the artist create a relationship between form and space?</p> <p>How do the parts interact or intersect?</p> <p></p> <p></p>
Jean-Marie Galing