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Jean-Marie Galing

Art Resource Teacher
Fairfax County Public Schools
Primary (5 to 8 years old), Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)
Teacher/Educator, Curriculum Developer
Visual Arts, Arts :

Jean-Marie Galing's collections


Abstract food

<p>Images illustrate how artists use simplification and zooming in to abstract images of popular foods.</p>
Jean-Marie Galing

Balance & Symmetry

<p>Which type of balance is represented in each image?</p> <ul><li>Symmetrical balance</li><li>Radial balance</li><li>Asymmetrical balance</li></ul>
Jean-Marie Galing

Animal Sculptures

<p>Images support second grade paper sculpture lesson. View a few images and lead a discussion with questioning:</p><ul><li>What do you notice about this picture?</li><li>Where do you think this is located?</li><li>If you were here and saw this animal, what would you be thinking?</li><li>Why do you think the artist chose to put this animal in this spot?</li><li>How do you think the animal affects people who use this space?</li><li>Can you think of a space in your community where an artist might place an animal sculpture?</li></ul>
Jean-Marie Galing

Reimagining the Statue of Liberty

<p>This collection asks students to explore the importance of national symbols to our cultural, political, and collective identity. By examining the Statue of Liberty, and its many reinterpretations, students will consider difficult questions facing us today: Who is included? Who decides? Why and how do people use national symbols as a way to protest? How have our notions and ideals of liberty changed over time? [Collection adapted from <em>Toward a More Inclusive America</em> collection by Philippa Rappoport.]</p> <p>Included here are </p> <ul><li>images of the artifacts and supporting objects</li><li>suggested Thinking Routines - "See, Think, Wonder," "Think, Feel, Care," and "The 3 Ys" - from Harvard's Project Zero Artful and Global Thinking materials</li><li>supporting interpretive video</li><li>a discussion/writing prompt</li></ul> <p>For use in Social Studies, Spanish, English, Art, and American History classes<br></p> <p>#EthnicStudies #LatinoHAC </p> <p></p>
Jean-Marie Galing