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Jamie Gillan

Montgomery College
Adults, Post-Secondary
Language Arts And English, Other
English Professor

Jamie Gillan's collections


Patapsco Heritage Greenway--Women's Recreation and History

<p>This collection is to share the history of adventurous women in the Patapsco Heritage Greenway area. It aims to inspire future women to adventure in the area. #PHGwomen</p>
Jamie Gillan

Mythology--Professor Gillan

<p>This collection is intended to be used in a Mythology class. Designed for a 100 level mythology course. The assignments here are classroom specific. They are modifiable to fit any style of classroom, and address a diverse group of learners.</p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan

Inclusion and Diversity

<p>Which of these images represent inclusion?  Why or why not?</p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan

Student Poetry Presentation- Sylvia Plath

<p>Students in an introduction to literature course used the Learning Lab as a platform to give presentations.</p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan

Immigration and Refugees

<p>This collection is utilized in a college classroom focused on research and argumentation.  </p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--Mythology

<p>This collection is a sample of student work from a 100 level college course on world mythology. The student's final paper focused on the multiple narratives that exist surrounding Theseus and Ariadne , particularly their end. </p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan

Student Sample--American Immigration

<p>This is a student sample collection from the first week of a argumentative research writing course themed on immigration.</p><p>#MCteach<br /></p>
Jamie Gillan