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Laura Lamarre Anderson

STEM Academy at the Rogers School
Elementary (9 to 12 years old)
Language Arts And English, Science, Social Studies :

I am a teacher in the Lowell Massachusetts Public School district. I have always loved both reading and writing, but many of my students struggle with those activities. I work to find multiple ways to engage students, while continuing to support their literacy growth. Before entering the classroom, I worked in Museum Education and I use that background to bring interactive learning to students. 

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Who Belongs in Massachusetts? The Story of Immigration

<p>This collection is to support our 4th grade unit on immigration. </p> <p>Our unit makes use of the Massachusetts Department of Education's lesson "America's Salad: The Story of Immigration to Massachusetts" and includes trips to the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell for their program "Yankees and Immigrants" and to the Edward Kennedy Institute for the American Senate for their program "Pathways to Citizenship"</p> <p>In class, we will explore why people leave their country, where they choose to settle (with a particular focus on Lowell, Massachusetts), and how they are welcomed. Students will explore how</p> <p>#tcslowell</p> <p>#APA2018</p> <p>#immigration #Massachusetts</p>
Laura Lamarre Anderson