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Jeryl Payne

Ms. Payne has been teaching for 20 years in primary and middle schools in the United States and South Korea. She has taught second through seventh grades and has also been a science and social studies specialist at various schools. Ms. Payne is a highly qualified teacher with a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction and Reading from Virginia Tech and a certification in International Studies from George Mason University.

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Inventors and Innovators

<p>In this collection, learn the difference between invention and innovation, meet 4 famous inventors, become an innovator!</p>
Jeryl Payne

Unlikely friendships

<p></p> <p>"Culture is often difficult to define, but it influences everything from who you are as an individual to how you relate to other people at home and around the world. " from Cultural Conversations (2014)</p> <p>Cultural conversations have been important to the development of the United States since its inception. To start cultural conversations among my students, I have gathered a collection of artifacts that give a brief history of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Douglass and Lincoln would ordinarily have not been friends,  but because of their relationship, history was changed forever! Other Friendships worth investigating: WEB DuBois and Woodrow Wilson (as well as William Monroe Trotter), Lyndon B Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Banneker, and Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune.<br /></p><p></p> <p>#NPGteach</p><p><em>#visiblethinking</em><br /></p> <h1></h1> <p><br /></p>
Jeryl Payne