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Samantha Castaneda

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I'm Samantha and am currently interning at the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access. In college I am studying English Literature with minors in Sociology and Film Studies.

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The Impact of Color in Paintings

<p>This collection includes paintings of similar subjects  (women) presented in both black and white and in color. The objective of this project is for students to recognize and think about the impact of color on their interpretations.  Identify responses to color and think about it as one of the artist's tools for conveying meaning.</p> <p> <br /></p> <p>Tags: Elizabeth McCausland; Childe Hassam; Antonia de Banuelos; Angel Rodriguez-Diaz; William H. Johnson</p>
Samantha Castaneda

Compare and Contrast: Analyzing Portraits of Significant Individuals

<p>This collection includes a video that presents the question: "What did the artist keep the same and what did he change? Why?" In this collection, there are multiple images of individuals who have made a strong contribution in society. The artists have  placed emphasis on the hands of the sitters. The objective is for students to compare and contrast multiple paintings, with the goal of gaining insights into ways portraitists convey personality with details.</p> <p>1. Watch the video and write down the similarities between the two paintings that are presented. What are some comments the narrator said about the people in the paintings? </p> <p>2. The narrator says the hands of the people are given great importance. Why do you think so?</p> <p>3. Write down the similarities of the people's hands in the portraits.</p> <p>4. Using that information,  create a T-Chart. On one side of the chart write the overall similarities of the people in the paintings (build upon the findings of the narrator) and on the other side, the differences. </p> <p>5. Using that information compare and contrast the second image and third images with the two paintings in the video. Add another column to the T-Chart and write down your findings. </p><p>6. Discuss or write about your conclusions as to what the painters were trying to express about the sitters.  Do you think they were effective?</p> <p>Tags: una troubridge;  statue; representation; character; photograph; painting; visual.<br /></p>
Samantha Castaneda

Creative Writing Exercise: Researching Iconic Objects

<p>In this collection, there are multiple images of objects that have been considered to be iconic in society. The objective of this collection is for students to look at the objects and research the significance of those objects.  For this exercise, students will look over the images and write about those objects. This will allow students to use factual information that they look up, process the information, and use it to complete a writing assignment. They could write a fictional story having to do with the object of choice or they could write about a time when they have used the object during their day to day lives. </p> <p>Tags: technology; toys; apparel; iconic; </p>
Samantha Castaneda