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Saving & Sharing Cultural Traditions

<p>Many modern Native Alaskans share their cultural traditions through dance, textiles, song and art. As you watch each of the three short videos, think about the following questions:</p> <p>1. What do you see?</p> <p>2. What do you think about that?</p> <p>3. What does it make you wonder?</p>
Cathleen Edwards

Athabascan Tradition

Cathleen Edwards

Cultural Artifact Object Analysis Activity

<p>In this activity, you will explore the Yup'ik gut parka, a type of garment created from the intestines of sea mammals to protect sea hunters from wind, rain, and stormy seas. The Yup'ik, native to Alaska and coastal Canada, used these not only for hunting but also spiritual occasions, such as religious ceremonies. The gallery includes: two parkas, one for hunting and one for ceremonies; a map of the geographic boundaries of the Yup'ik before the arrival of Euro-American settlers; and a video of modern Yup'ik discussing the traditional process of creating these garments and the importance of conserving and continuing this tradtion today.</p>
Cathleen Edwards