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The "Then and Now" of Early America

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There was a time in American History when the doctors did not have all the answers, when the things we purchased did not come with instructions, and when there was  a limited variety of styles to choose from when picking decor. Nevertheless, colonial Americans did so well  in fixing, building, and creating to the point that they began to break away from their limitations. The Enlightenment pushed scientific advances to where many inventions after the 1800's are grandfather versions of the things we have today. 

This Collection tries to demonstrate how early Americans were involved in both  the Industrial revolution and  consumer revolution between the 1700's and early 1800's. Each image, document, or illustration shown gives an explanation as to how colonial Americans progressed since their arrival in 1492 as well as the influence the rest of the world had on them before 1865.

The Mercury Mirror

Marc Maison



The Verge Escpement

Pendulum Clock

Science ABC

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The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The Printing press

History's Newsstand Blog

Cabinet and Upholsterer's Guide