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The Gestapo

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The Gestapo, also known as the SS, were Hitler's secret police force he was used to grow in power in Germany. The SS were formed as a security detail but then were sent to capture Jews and deport them to the numerous concentration camps across Europe to exterminate them. Hitler's enemies and political rivals were beaten and scared into submission by the Gestapo to further extend the Nazis Party's strength. They became a private army that served Hitler in carrying out his goals and were a massive instrument of his consolidation of power in Germany. The series of picture below represent key moments in the growth of the Nazis Party and the actions of the SS under Hitler's control. The brutality of the Holocaust was mainly caused by the Gestapo, who carried out mass executions and mistreatment of the Jewish people. Historians and people looking back at the Holocaust have to understand the terrible actions of the SS so that nothing like it will happen ever again.