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Sugar Pine Point Heritage (grades 2-5)

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Geography +1 Age Level Elementary (9 to 12 years old)

Image analysis of these photos can reveal how community life in the Tahoe area has changed over time, and with it so has the environment. This exercise can help students to understand how our lives are different from those who lived here in the past, and how they are similar. Students will also be able to differentiate between things that happened long ago and things that happened recently. This can provoke thought and discussion about how events from the past still have an effect on the landscape today. Simply click the paperclip in each image to see the questions or prompts pertaining to the time period in which the photo was taken.

Drawing of Tahoe City showing westward expansion

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Comstock loggers

Peter Goin

V Flume

Peter Goin

Whittell Estate

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