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Sorting Activity New Deal Organizations: Relief, Recovery, or Reform?

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US History Age Levels Elementary (9 to 12 years old), Middle School (13 to 15 years old)

First, review the images in the collection and the information provided with each, then determine which New Deal organization it is representing. Think about whether that organization is a good example of relief, recovery, or reform. At the end of the collection, you will be asked to sort the images into categories and answer some evaluative questions.

tags: Great Depression, FDR, Roosevelt, New Deal, Agricultural Adjustment Act, Tennessee Valley Administration, 1930s, sort


Relief Blues

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Pare Lorentz

National Portrait Gallery

(Underpass--New York)

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Tympanum Over Doorway to Building for Pachyderms

Smithsonian Archives - History Div

Apricots Shipping Crate

National Museum of American History

Frances Perkins

National Portrait Gallery

Mary McLeod Bethune

National Portrait Gallery

Rural Industries

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum