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Religion and Architecture

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This collection examines how religious architecture became more about art than just a structure. Religion and its associated art and architecture were and have been at the center of every civilization.  While this visual journey begins with religious architecture that is dedicated to many gods or even particular gods, we will see new religions that are dedicated to one God. We will visualize how new religions brought about their own changes within the architecture. This will allow us to visualize how religious architecture has always played a vital role in early civilizations continuing to the world we live in today. 

As we examine these early structures, we can see how some of the themes are the same in different cultures. For example, while the Sumerians utilized more of a solid structure for religion as in the Ziggurat of Ur. The use of the columns and the use of the open space is later used in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Roman architecture. Following each visual of the structures, we will see whom the structure was built and dedicated.  

As we continue our journey, we start to see the development of Monotheistic religions that being with Judaism then to Christianity and then to Islam. All share similar origin stories. We can see the use of columns and space throughout this development. 

Modern times introduces us to more glass covered structures but also structures that take elements of the past and incorporate into modern engineering standards. 



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