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"Ohhh.. The Wondeful Timelessness of Women"

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Social Studies

As time goes by, we evolve and old ways become replaced with new ways of thinking. The American revolution consisted of a time when women went by patriarchal views and values. During this time women were taught men were the head of the household and were in power and more important.

Although, as time passes we saw women standing up for themselves. We saw women claiming more and asking for more. I wanna explore a topic not talked about enough and that is the significance that the patriarchal role had on making women feel inadequate and therefore contributing to this magnified role in the American revolution. In my collection, I will showcase artifacts and pieces of evidence exhibiting how women's inferior social class still plays an amplified role in the revolution.

40c Thomas Paine single

National Postal Museum

Sharps Rifle

National Museum of American History

Queen Anne

National Portrait Gallery


Smithsonian American Art Museum

Slave Captured

Anacostia Community Museum

Woodcarving of a slave trader with enslaved female

National Museum of African American History and Culture