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Historical Representation of Pocahontas in North America from 1614-2010

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Pocahontas is a name well known to many due to her vast representation in everyday culture and society. She is the daughter of the chief of the Powhatan tribe and is well known for her relationship with John Smith and the early settlers of Virginia.This is a collection showing how Pocahontas has been depicted by different people across the time period 0f 1614-2010. These different depictions show how various cultures viewed Native American society and specifically Pocahontas. Through these various depictions one can see how the traditional view of Pocahontas evolved over time. Differences can also be seen in the depiction across different cultures and different mediums. Particularly the contrasting images of Pocahontas in native clothing and Pocahontas in Colonial-style clothing. The representation of Pocahontas is important because she is a crucial figure in the development of early Colonial America, specifically Jamestown in Virgina. Although, her name is known throughout the United States today in connection with John Smith and the Establishment of the Virginian colony of Jamestown.