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Gender Portrayals in Ancient Greek Art

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Language Arts And English +1 Age Levels Post-Secondary, Adults

The focus of this collection is gender and how it was portrayed in Ancient Greek art.  We're going to be exploring the role that women served back in the time period of Ancient Greece compared to men. We'll be looking at different statuary and comparing how women appear in them compared to men, as well. From viewing different pieces in this collection, you will be able to notice how in nude statues, the women were mildly nude because they couldn't bare it all, while men could. It shows how society had no issue with the nude male body, but when it came to the female nude body, it couldn't be fully exposed. It was appropriate to be a little exposed, but any more than that and it would be distasteful. This collection will also explore how men were known to have such brute strength, while the role of women was that of seductresses and causing trouble for men by tempting them. 

This collection is great for people who are interested in the subject of gender portrayals and how men and women are perceived differently. It is an interesting learning aid, because people may only believe that women and men were just treated differently in society, and perhaps didn't know that the divide between male and female was also seen in pieces of art work and in writings.