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Filipinos in America

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Social Studies +3 Age Level High School (16 to 18 years old)

This activity is a glimpse into Filipino / Filipino-Americans. Although they were first Asians to land in the Americas in 1587, under the control of the US for almost 100 years many in the United States aren't familiar with Filipinos / Filipino-Americans and their impact on the United States.


You will find student instructions for each section on the arrow slide dividers but also on many of the resources themselves (look for the 1 beside the paperclip when you open a resource). Click on each for instructions. 

Throughout this experience consider the 3 Ys:

1.    Why might this glimpse into the history and experiences of Filipinos/Filipino-Americans in the United States matter to me?

2.    Why might it matter to people around (family, friends, fellow students, community)

3.    What might it matter to the world?

Additionally how were the early depictions of Filipinos as savages uncivilized affected our collective ideas about Filipinos/Filipino-Americans today?


Merri Weir

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Merri Weir

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Merri Weir

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Merri Weir


Merri Weir