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Exploring Multiple Perspectives with American Art

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Language Arts And English +4 Age Levels Middle School (13 to 15 years old), High School (16 to 18 years old)

We started by doing a close reading of Walt Whitman's "I Hear America Singing," followed by an analysis of two paintings using Project Zero Thinking Routines:

  1. Iceman Crucified #4, by Ralph Fasanella, using See, Think, Wonder
  2. Braceros, by Domingo Ulloa, using Step In, Step Out, Step Back

Returning to the poem, consider how different people we identified in the two paintings might react to the poem. Next, choose two perspectives from any of the texts (written or visual) we've looked at, and use the Two Voice Poem template to compare their points of view on work in America.

Reflection Question: What do we gain by considering multiple perspectives on an issue?

This collection was created for the 2019 CATE annual convention in Burlingame, California. 

Iceman Crucified #4

Smithsonian American Art Museum


Smithsonian American Art Museum

See/Think/Wonder: Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine

SI Center for Learning and Digital Access

Two-Voice Poem Template

Phoebe Hillemann