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Digital Technology and You: Scrolling along the Electronic Superhighway

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This collection will facilitate a series of activities combined into a short unit encouraging students to consider the development of digital technology  and their relationships to it through Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii by Nam June Paik. It will consist of several activities that will require class time, as well as time to compose, draft, and revise an argumentative essay. My intention is to make this series of activities fairly flexible. I could imagine completing these activities in about a week (five 50-minute class periods), or taking as much as three weeks to get all the way through with supplementation - maybe of other pieces of a similar aesthetic - and time in class to write. 

The collection has internal instructions on several of the pieces that are designed to be used either in the classroom or by students independently at home - feel free to change them or disregard them. 

For a more detailed rundown of what I have in mind for this lesson, please see the lesson concept write-up in the collection. 

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